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Cleaning the Pinspotters - what do YOU do???


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  • Cleaning the Pinspotters - what do YOU do???

    My Head Tech has just started working on AMF 82-70s after working on Brunswick Pinsetters for over 10 years. He gets us to clean the machines, but exactly what he wants us to do changes every week....

    I was just wondering what all you guys clean in your machines... Here's what we do at the moment:

    Clean Ball Lift Belts with Solvent, then dry with a dry rag
    Clean Kickers with Solvent (no drying)
    Sand Dissy Belts with 240 grit sandpaper
    Clean FrontEnd Ball Return wheels with Solvent, then dry with a dry rag
    Clean Pin Wheels with Solvent, dry with dry rag

    We have tried sanding the kickers, but that seems to hack the plastic ones up.

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    Re: Cleaning the Pinspotters - what do YOU do???

    first of all, get rid of the solvent, it wears belts and kickers 1000 times quicker than anything

    basically clean the ball exit regulary, dizzy rails and rollers weekly with a rag and penetrating fluid (wd-40), plows pans pinwheels etc daily and most importantly clean things properly when servicing them, blow out machines once a week and address tables, bins, shuttles monthly, we clean our dizzy clutches monthly as well as our spotting cups
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      Re: Cleaning the Pinspotters - what do YOU do???

      just keep cleaning the kickers, make sure they are an 1/8 from the wall of the machine and check that your elevator is not too low, as soon as you break the surface off kickers they are rat ****
      i don't need mods, i am a bloody genius


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        Re: Cleaning the Pinspotters - what do YOU do???

        i agree with craig,ditch the solvent. detergent will emulsify the oil far better than solvent-that is why we use detergent on lanes. we used to use tri-chlorothane to wash! the lanes years back in amf and if you didn't wipe it dry immediately you had a beautiful oil smear over the lane. brunswick guys that i know are all fanatical cleaners it seems. i thinks it's because there is just so much machine to collect dust. basically on 70's wash your dizzy,elevator and return belts daily,your pinwheels,ploughs and bins weekly. carpets are subject to the dirt in the centre,some centers do them daily others once a week etc..

        hope this helps.



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