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  • 82-70 Distributor

    Hey People,
    I have a problem, one of my distributors hangs up after feeding the 2 pin, to the 4 pin spot on the bin. I have changed the Dist. Drive shaft, clevise, greased and adjusted everything with little success. It only hangs up for a second, but it is long enough to cause a misfeed. Please Help!!!!

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    Re: 82-70 Distributor

    Ken, I believe your problem has to do with the dist. belt being a little too short. Someone else on this site has suggested to put a little sure slide (the stuff bowlers use for sliding problems) on the inside of the belt. A short belt and/or the weight of the pin pressing the belt against the belt runner can cause your problem Good luck.


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      Re: 82-70 Distributor


      ill guess your usin rough top belts...i luv them...but the underside is very tacky. when the distributor is retracting from the 2 to the 4. the weight of the next pin is causing the belt to "stick" on the small pan between the orientation pan. if you want to make sure im not insane...not proven yet the distributor from the 2 pin and slightly push your finger down on the distributor belt by the orientation pan as if your finger was a pin...and watch the distributor stall/hesitate just as you discribe.

      the easy way out for me is to put easy slide on the underside of the distributor belt.

      as others say in here.....cheers & beers


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        Re: 82-70 Distributor

        I've been easy slidin my "2-4 stallers" (distributors) for several years now and see no bad side effects because of case ya were wonderin'


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          Re: 82-70 Distributor


          Check the large cam, you might have a couple of teeth that might need a little filing.

          also, check belt alignment at that position,
          the belt lacing clip might be stcking out just far enough to catch.

          and check the front belt guard to see if it not hitting the bin as it pulls back.



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            Re: 82-70 Distributor

            Hey Guys,
            Thanks for all your help, today I changed the big cam gear and the problem went away, so I believe that that is the problem. I will try the easy slide on my belts to. My only question is whether or not this stalls the belt on the rear pulley? Do you only use it on the problem lanes or on all of the belts?


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              Re: 82-70 Distributor

              i just easy slide my problem lanes. the dist belt spring apllies more then enough tension to enable the belt to move reguardless of the amount of easy slide ya use


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                Re: 82-70 Distributor

                Hey Coors,
                I tried your suggestion today, when I had a misfeed on the problem lane, suprise it worked perfect. Suggestion, what if we were to wax the pan under the belt, and make it real slick, I think it would last longer then the true slide. What is your thoughts? I am going to try it on one of the distributors!! Thanks for all your help though, you are a real life saver, I would have went nuts tring to solve this problem.


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                  Re: 82-70 Distributor

                  here's my crazy theory as to why the dist is so touchy in the 2-4 area

                  first off...the dist is pulling back against the front to back spring(linear)

                  and also the linear trace that pulls the dist back to the 4pin intersects the rear roller at almost a 90 degree angle...which is pretty rough on the clutch...when at the 1,3,2,4 position...the lin cam is using the back roller....when the distributor retracts behind the 7pin is where it begins using the front roller on the cam...

                  and lastly...when at the 2-4 position, the lin pattern("trace") on the inside of the white wheel which retracts the dist to the 7pin is on the very outside of the cam right next to the pinion. and bein that the "trace" is on the outside edge of the wheel does not allow the white wheel to flex for easier mating with the pinion...which means...unless everything if PERFECT(perfect white cam/pinion/clutch/shaft etc.) in the distributor(meaning$$$$$$)...the pinion/white wheel will be very tight going through the 2-4. filing a few teeth as Doc mentioned will help throught this area.

                  and the belt sticking adds just enough additional stress to cause the dist to stall for a second.

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                    Re: 82-70 Distributor

                    The distrubutor is a wonderful, even if adjusted properly it can still deal you a fit!!

                    See my posting in:

                    DIST CLUTCH,PINION,82/70,NEW IDEAS?

                    for some changes that I made on the clutch.

                    One point the spring holder on the safety link, they have a tendency to bend.

                    Flip them around, you might have to grind them alittle so the swing arm can reach the 10 position on the bin. this will help with the 2 - 3 swinging.



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                      Re: 82-70 Distributor

                      before i discovered easy slide...well actually before i came to the conclusion that the belt sticking was the main try to reduce stress in the 2-4 area one of the things i did was remove the lat spring...turns out the dist belt spring provides enough tension to force the dist forward without the lat spring...

                      many of my distributors to this day still run without the lat spring...i figure if it can run without it...that reduces the amount of torque needed from the clutch and allows the clutches to run smoother/cooler/longer

                      as for waxin the small pans...ill give it a try...if it backfires i've got plenty of easy slide.

                      by the way...easy slide is "Masters" name for it...ebonites is ultra slide...AMF's is perfect slyde...and im sure there's a billion other kind of


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                        Re: 82-70 Distributor

                        I have found when cleaning the distributors that the belt sometimes leaves black stuff on the small pan underneath the belt because of wear. I'm sure this can cause the belt to hesitate and stick like everyone described. We clean the distributor carriage tubes, trip arm rollers, orientor pan, and the pan underneath the belt once a week to keep them indexing as smoothly as possible. When one starts to hesitate, it usually means that the clutch is either dirty or worn out. We keep the clutch springs adjusted to one whole turn just like the manual says and it's worked fine for our center. Our biggest problem right now with distributor jams is the humidity, it causes the pins to get slippery and the belt doesn't grip them as well as it should. We can't do anything about it because of our location (Southern Louisiana)


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                          Re: 82-70 Distributor

                          I have always worked on the principle....that if the dizzy carriage will run back out without a LINEAR spring (lateral spring is the smaller spring next to the safety link spring )then the belt is too short. Another cause of stalling is eccentric rollers that are not round... even new rollers have high spots that can jam a carriage... a bit of work with some wet'n'dry usually solves the problem ( a bit of patience helps too).

                          Beers & Cheers


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                            Re: 82-70 Distributor


                            Very intersting thoery regarding the 2-4 pin clutch torque relationship. However the 4-7 transfer requires a lot more force. Without getting to complicated if you resolve the forces involved (just the left to right moments) due to the fact that the distance moved from 2-4 and 4-7 is the same and the forces exerted by the two springs at the back the force required is almost double. This is one of the reasons why a slack clutch shows up in the 4-7 transition (or 6-10). I did an extensive study into the distributor a while ago whilst doing postgrad research I will look up all the stuff when I get a chance.
                            Nice to see some lateral thinking.



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                              Re: 82-70 Distributor

                              true that the "lat spring"shrinks when goin to the 7pin side...which meansthere is not as much pull from the spring to move from 4-7 as there is from the 2-4...lets just say arbitrarily theres 40lbs of pull from the 3-2, 35 pounds from the 2-4, and 30lbs from the 4-7...if the dist only needs 10lbs to move the the lessening spring tension doesnt really matter

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