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  • stupid question

    This will seem very elementary to you, but I don't know and would like to fix it.
    How embarrasing that I can't figure it out on my own.

    I'm often getting the call "Out of Range, 4," but when I get there, I find no OOR pins, the machine with the 1st ball lite still on, the sweep at guard position, and the cells just not quite open all the way. When I pull them open, the table runs and machine cycles as normal. So, the problem is that the cells sometimes do not open all the way. What should I be adjusting to keep this from happening? The main (long) carb link? Something with the finger lever? TA cams?

    Thanx fer yer help!

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    Re: stupid question


    Sounds like you're still using GP switches...good man!

    Anyway, make sure the shifter link (aka Batman Cam) is adjusted properly. You should have about 1/8" gap between the high dwell of the cam and the finger. Adjust respot rod to obtain this gap. Many times you can get away with just doing this, but if you find the cells slam open, then you will have to check all 10 cells for a tight one. Check the service manual for's too long to explain.

    Unlikely, but possible, is if all else is in adjustment, is a twisted (just a little) respot arm cam follower. Twisted just enought to give inadequate pressure from riding cam to open/close cells properly.

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      Re: stupid question

      Sometimes pins are flying against the fingers or against the 'batman cam'(respot cam) and pushing the fingers a little bit, just enough to de-activate the GP.


      Better ask Bowlequip, he has a better answer..
      So it goes.


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        Re: stupid question

        I usually bend the shifter cam link lower. Or bend the 2594 rod a lot. Or sometimes I bend the spring bracket a little(070-002-734).

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          Re: stupid question


          I have this happen some times and it is often times the insert 070-007-197 if you have the orrigional style insert that wraped around the end of the finger and is held in place with a roll pin. This is sometimes the problem at my house. Sometimes the upper side of the insert is too tall and may catch on the lever assembly of the cell next to it. I take a wrasp and file the top of the insert so that it has enough room to clear the cells around it.

          There are also snap on inserts that just snap into the finger. I personally like the orrigional style because they stay on some times the snap on ones just fall off.

          Also make sure all of your cells can move freely when closed. For me a little PM on the respot cells goes a long way.

          Best of luck



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            Re: stupid question

            Magic: If you are able to determine whether or not the previous cycle was a strike, this may help point you in the right direction. If not, simulate it yourself by sweeping the pins off and running a strike cycle.
            If the problem occurs only after X, it's in your cam link adjustment (1/4" rod on table).
            If, only after respotting, the fingers just don't open all the way, you need to look for binds, loose/missing pivot stud bolts, exposed finger insert roll pins, etc.
            Make sure the plate on the side of the table that the respot assist spring hooks to is straight. This aids in the opening of the cells by counter-balancing the weight of the cam link casting.
            Also check that both "green" springs on the front end are not broken, and that their plate is not starting to bend or break off.
            In general, most of the time, if you can open the cells manually (not by the links, but by the mechanism at the front of the table) without a bind, it should be OK.


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              Re: stupid question

              Holy Moly! [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/cool.gif[/img]
              Thanx a lot everybody! Y'all are the greatest. It is printing as we speak.



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                Re: stupid question

                Pat & Magic

                I did away with the finger inserts 10 years ago. The serve no purpose other then to bind and f&%#@k up pinspotters. Thers has been no wear on the cell frames yet.
                Just my opinion



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