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82-70 Respot Cell Problems


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  • 82-70 Respot Cell Problems

    I have one lanes in my house that when the respot cells open after a strike cycle, open of the fingers jumps over the stop. This keeps the fingers from closing on the next set of pins. Problem happens about twice a night, and I have tried just about every adjustment in the book. I have changed the rubber bumpers, and replaced the cells. Need HELP!!!

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    Re: 82-70 Respot Cell Problems

    Well, I had this problem last year on a lane, but all I did was adjust the carb link. I know a center that likes to rig things a lot, and the mechanic there put a finger insert in place of the bumper. That solved the problem for them, but I don't really like to do things like that. He said it was higher and prevented the finger from jumping over it. Well, sorry I can't be of more help, but the link adjustment did it for me.
    Give me a hammer and some duct tape and I can fix it!


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      Re: 82-70 Respot Cell Problems

      Does it happen on the same one every time or on more than one finger cell.
      I had this problem before (fixed link 7 cell)turns out the drive wireway link was flexing slightly causing it to bind for a fracton of a second then snap open the rest of the way. Replaced the wireway link with a new one problem gone. If you have changed all the suspect cells my guess would be the wireway next. I'm sure you have already checked this but it might be worth another look at the bell crank stop bolt.



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        Re: 82-70 Respot Cell Problems

        The problem went away when I went completely through the adjustments one last time. I don't exactly know what caused the problem, but I suspect it lies in the 7 pin respot cell. Thanks for the help!!!


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          Re: 82-70 Respot Cell Problems

          do not have the problem of jumping fingers, anymore.

          The mod that I did to the wireway stopped
          the problem.

          Change ALL the wireway pivot studs to 5/16.
          Place a washer under them to raise the wireway above the tops of the RSC.

          Then readjust all the cells accordingly.



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