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Dist. clutch mods.


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  • Dist. clutch mods.

    What kind of things have you seen done with the clutches on the distributors?

    I have one on a machine thats been working for at least 10 years(thats when I showed up). It has ball plug surrounding the pinion.

    I pulled one off years ago that didn't have a bushing in the pinion. It had a roller bearing instead.

    I have a few drive plates that have oil catching resevoir cups on the inside.

    Has anybody here tried using the fish scale method for adjusting the clutch? I've always wanted to try that but never seem to get around to it.

    Whats the deal with the old style pinion bushing thats shaped like the shaft(its not round on the inside). I have some in stock but have never messed with them.

    Have you ever noticed in the 82-70A-B manual they list different part numbers for different style clutch plates and stop blades? Have any of you worked with these? What are the differences? I've never seen them.

    Thanks and happy trails

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    Re: Dist. clutch mods.

    I lightly scuff both sides of the friction disc and the inner parts of the clutch plates with a very fine grit sandpaper to get more friction. I've also started going across the house with those lubeless pinion bushings. All I need to do is find out how to get a hold of those lubeless trip blades and I'd be all set! Stay away from those super clutches!!!!


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      Re: Dist. clutch mods.


      When our budgets were tight, you know what I mean, we found a way to extend the life of worn pinion gears and drive plates. J-B Weld the pinion to the plate. Worked for years. Same concept as yours with the ball plug.
      Aside from the hitch pin for the U-Joint, nothing much else.
      "Where are we going, and why are we in a hand basket?"



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        Re: Dist. clutch mods.


        I use the original AMF clutch. I just knock off the white plastic piece off the back. Just gets in thee way of the stop blade. With slow down pulley it is not needed. Also the plate is easier to clean this way. I use the original pinion and sleeve...twice a year solvent tank and re-grease.



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          Re: Dist. clutch mods.

          Some 15 or so odd years ago, the guru I was learning under took a sheet of urathane & cut out homemade friction discs which he then ball plugged to the back clutch plate!This allowed us to back off the clutch spring big time.T'was sweet!Would like to get me hands on another hunk of that urathane.


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            Re: Dist. clutch mods.

            I use the Enviro Bushings friction disk and the pinion bushing. I did not have much success with the stop blade. Other than that clutches are a very simple animal as long as they are clean and lubed properly.


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              Re: Dist. clutch mods.

              Has anybody noticed how the Vantage disk is a tad too big to fit flush on the plates? When I used them I had to bevel the edges a little on the grinder.

              I grease the stop blades twice a month in the fall season and once a month in the summer. I use standard #2 grease. I go around with a flux brush and the cap off the grease tube filled with some grease. I load up the brush with a thin amount of grease on each side just enough to cover the bristles. I shut off the pit when the Dist is between 4 and 7 bin and reach over the PW and grease the stop blade using one side of the brush. The I hit the other machine with the other side of the brush. I dont like to grease the stop on the clutch plate because its to easy to get grease inside of there, and besides greasing the stop is all I really need. Stopping the dist between 4 and 7 gives me more space to work on it and gets the opening away from the brush. My B isn't as tall as me so he kicks a plastic milk crate from mach. to mach..

              I oil the pinion every 3-4 months with 10w oil. 1 drop in the hole and 3-4 on the flange. I go around with a pistol oiler, flashlight and a paper clip. I shut off the pit and index the Dist so the pinion rotates a little to expose the hole better. A lot of climbing on this one.
              If I oil more than that it gets me in trouble. I dont see how anybody could oil like the book recommends (once a month) without having to cleen the clutches every other month. Maybe if the machines ran 24/7 but mine don't.

              King, I moonlighted at one of NOOLIO/Magics houses a while back and thought I would do them the favor of getting rid of one of there Super clutches because it was indexing poorly and I just chalked it up to the clutch because it didn't have the cam plate on it. I put a traditional one on and it made the problem worse. To make a long story short the P/W was running at stock speed.
              Lane 10 or 12 I think.


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                Re: Dist. clutch mods.

                Hey Gary (Bender)
                I think I know which house yer talkin' 'bout(sadly).
                Haven't been able to get over there lately, consequently problem machines become problemer machines.

                My boss here in Ft. Fun has a plastic bin from the bar full of oil and ~cork~ friction discs, just incase.

                They let you in the back?!?!?! Was the fat Biznatch working that night? She would have defiantly slammed "NO" in yer face, despite even several calls to me and the bossman!
                Was the typical "know-it-all" clown in the back? If so, all is explained. These maroons bounce from house to house, never lasting more than a few months before accepting another offer or being fired. Funny thing is they accept jobs at $7.00/hr 45 minutes away from the trailer park they live in (no joke!)
                I'm sure you get app's from them, pay no heed, they are worthless, the lot of them!
                Good try with the dist clutch, those superclutches are pure crap. Poor Mark Schmidt. The more he tries, it seems, the more he makes a mess. Hope he doesn't read this, Holliday is running incredibly well!!!
                With entire dependence on his products!!!
                BTW, AMF lets you buy from outside vendors? Thought all you showed me was old stock from pre-AMF days...
                Oh, best 'O Luck, buddy! Know you like fixin' problems better than bowlin' anyways.


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                  Re: Dist. clutch mods.

                  I've been tryin' to figger out what y'all mean with the ball plug stuff, have been waiting for my chance to chime in here.
                  I've seen a few whacky dist/dizzy cam orientations in my day, just waiting until my fears were answered. Wait, just wait, until my other friend, "BuckwildChuck" starts on here. He has serious potential, so give him some slack...
                  Charlie, Mean no disrespect if ya read this.


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                    Re: Dist. clutch mods.

                    Saw you mentioned Holiday.
                    Don't know if you knew it or not,but the new owners (Frank sold I'm told)hired back Tim Poole.The guy had the place ticking well back in the eighties & into early 90's.He's the horsethat place needs.
                    Vantage stuff exclusivly these days huh?
                    'Course it is nice having Vantage,what,3/4's-a-mile down the road. [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif[/img]


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                      Re: Dist. clutch mods.

                      I have no idea what house your talking about? I was refering to Western 3 years ago when I worked Sat & Mon..

                      I wish I had experianced mechanics filling out apps.. I don't see many.

                      I used Vantage parts from 91-98 exclusively and AMF parts from 99-now. Is there a differance? Yes. Which do I prefer. AMF.

                      I can by parts from who ever I want.

                      Good to here about Holiday.

                      I don't like putting money in a prize fund that goes to untalented grip-it and rip-it bowlers that will score higher than me on any given house shot. I am seriously considering bowling in the sports shot travel league Brunswick is offering next fall. I used to avg in the 190s in the early eighties with my yellow dot white dot combo. I only put my shoes on once or twice a year now and still shoot 180-230. Is it me or the lanes


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                        Re: Dist. clutch mods.

                        Quote:]Originally posted by Bender:
                        I have no idea what house your talking about? I was refering to Western 3 years ago when I worked Sat & Mon..
                        Oh, thought you were talkin' 'bout the present Wastern. My bad.
                        I wish I had experianced mechanics filling out apps.. I don't see many.[/QUOTE]
                        No you dont.
                        Quote:]Which do I prefer. AMF.[/QUOTE]
                        You sick motha'. Maybe if you have 20-yr-old inventory...
                        Quote:]I am seriously considering bowling in the sports shot travel league Brunswick is offering next fall.[/QUOTE]
                        Are you sure you know what you're saying here? Major amounts of respect on the ropes here. Donating money to that greedy bastard of an organization? C'mon, clear yer head!
                        Quote:] I used to avg in the 190s in the early eighties with my yellow dot white dot combo. I only put my shoes on once or twice a year now and still shoot 180-230. Is it me or the lanes [/QUOTE]
                        Oh, it's gotta be you. Especially if yer rollin' at Sonesta! Yikes!


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                          Re: Dist. clutch mods.

                          I Luv my AMF super clutch....which is on lane 20....haven't touched the entire distributor since '95....aside from a good yearly "lube job" babies are worth it!....LOL

                          "caint" understand the hatred toward them


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                            Re: Dist. clutch mods.

                            Rocky mountain spring mine tailing runoff freshness:
                            I think since '95 are the operative words there. Many of my surepiks haven't been seriously tampered with either (at least they dont look like they've been) New cups, for example, forget about it! Junk! Or those sweep shocks the guys are chattin' 'bout. Maybe Murrey makes some good ones...

                            So while we're on the subject, what to do with the infamous "chattering clutch?"
                            Spring is a little tighter than most, but any looser or tighter causes stops. Dist runs good (is one of my best, actually) but makes that annoying noise.
                            Do I dare shoot some WD-40 on the disc? Would that even make a difference?
                            At another house, we have one that has chattered for years, despite a few rebuilds, but runs OK.


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                              Re: Dist. clutch mods.

                              CHATTERING CLUTCH; Needs cleaned! Also have sanded (emery) the clutch plates. [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif[/img]
                              If at first you don't succeed, try, try, again. Then quit. There's no use being a damn fool about it." -W.C.Fields


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