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how many calls are wek are you doing


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  • how many calls are wek are you doing

    just wandering for all you's 82/70 tech, how many calls oper week are you doing and off what lineage

    my centre averages 20 - 25 calls off 25-30 lines, i'm not bragging, but am interested to see what maybe the ideal is

    and are there any areas that can't be perfected or anything that could be added to this topic
    i don't need mods, i am a bloody genius

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    Re: how many calls are wek are you doing

    i have a minimum of 4,980 league games a week, & ill guess maybe an additional 1,500 open games a week and average anywhere from 15 to 40 calls a week depending upon the alignment of the planets and what And when i put my pin wheel speed sheaves on i hope to get it lower...lane 19 has been a pain in my pin butt lately...LOL

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      Re: how many calls are wek are you doing

      My center runs at least 7500 games per week.
      A ruff guess would be about 60 calls per week. (and always getting better) 8>)


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        Re: how many calls are wek are you doing

        We have 42 lanes our report for April was
        385560 total frames
        224 total stops
        1725 frames per malfunction

        We are trying to run better any tips on pin jams would be helpful....they are 42% of our calls



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          Re: how many calls are wek are you doing

          My favorite pin jam tip is tapping easyslide
          (everyone knows what easyslide is right) on
          the underside of dist. belt. No matter what
          belt you buy(at least here in Oklahoma) will
          get tackey on the bottom. Right now I use the
          green one from vantage(it still does it)
          The weight of the pin will press the belt against the small pan between the tubes and cause it to hesitate for a split second as it's going back from the 2 to 4 position. Have your pin chasers do that every couple of nights or whenever the humidity is up and forget about those for ever. promise.
          Next you'll have to master the "art" of kidney placement And balancing the dist.


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            Re: how many calls are wek are you doing

            I'm running about 70 calls for 11,000 games per week giving me a little over 1,500 frames per stop. I've never figured this out before I guess this is acceptable?


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              Re: how many calls are wek are you doing


              check out topic too many pinjams.

              this combination is bad for a house with lots of jams and you swear you have the dists.right.

              uv coated pins for glow bowl (older max,new amf).some have changed to glow in material all the way through coating,combined with over 40 feet or big time units of gooy sticky slimey oil.

              i know in my experience(lengends),even though it scores great,not mech freindly.

              what happens is one time dist pan is oily from pins next its not.hard to set kidney(pin rail)to happy medium for friction differences.

              so biggest help is to get control of oil and keep it out of pit


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                Re: how many calls are wek are you doing

                Thx to Kev's FPS program....i actually feel like a responsible

                currently....1918 FPS with 42% of calls being out of ranges & respots


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                  Re: how many calls are wek are you doing

                  did i ever mention we only strip twice a week.....the lanes that


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