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  • Cycle problem

    Need your input on this one. Lane 5 had several questionable spots last night. Was told by the bowlers that the machine simply swept the spare away. Finally able to determine that the machine would not switch back to first ball after a spare was shot and a new rack set. I saw this happen only once, and here is the strange part - I switched the machine back to first ball manually before the next bowler threw - and it STILL swept their spare away and gave a new rack. Will work on it today but any help would be appreciated. Solid State chassis with MK70 and expander card with interface to Accu-Score Plus.

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    Re: Cycle problem


    1. Take the chassis off the machine.
    2. Check the pins and sockets.
    3. Take the Tek board out.
    4. Spray down everything with contact cleaner.
    5. Put the board on lane 6.
    6. Take the board out of 6 and install it in chassis #5.
    7. Put chassis # 5 on lane 7.
    8. Put chassis #7 on lane 5.
    9. Check your table and sweep cam micro adjustments on lane 5 with the 136-176 gauge.
    10. Grab a box of beer.
    11. See which lane screws will then know where the problem is.

    I have a chassis that does this periodicially...never have found the problem....I use it as a spare....



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      Re: Cycle problem

      generally its the mk-70 board...or the TA-1 or 2 bein' way off


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        Re: Cycle problem

        Hey Boss, not familiar with accuscore scoring but my AS90's have a 3 ball tenth frame auto cycle. Is it possible your scorer is switching machine to 2nd ball thinking that the next ball to be thrown is the fill ball in the tenth. I have also seen that if ta-1 stops your table before ta-2 closes the following will happen. Sweep drops to 66 degrees table moves up fromm 355 degrees but when ta-2 closes your sweep will take off and clear your deck. Good luck.


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          Re: Cycle problem

          Quote:]Originally posted by Coors:
          generally its the mk-70 board...or the TA-1 or 2 bein' way off[/QUOTE]

          If you Omegas are Mk70EC (late model), may be your TA2 & SA adjustment or switches.


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            Re: Cycle problem

            I had the same problem on quite a few machines when I originally installed my mk-70 boards. I called Omega-tek and they told me that some microswitches have a compatability problem with the boards, even if they are good. And where you will find this problem is either in your TA-2 or SB switches. The switches may and probably will check out completely fine. Replace them anyway. Good luck!

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              Re: Cycle problem

              Do these new fangled boards use the Aux. board in the chassis? If they do it might be worth replacing the magnetic relay and transistors on it. If they dont, send me all your used ones. [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif[/img]


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                Re: Cycle problem


                Since I only saw this actually happen once, I don't want to overreact to what might have only been a glitch. Considering some of the other problems we've had in the past week (chassis C2-A plug inexplicably cathches on fire, fried an MK-70 board, an expander board loses it's strike cycle, developed a short somewhere in a rooftop a/c unit which may have fried a thermostat, bowlers table reset's........) I'm begining to suspect problems with incoming voltage to the center. As for my original post - I decided to simply check the machine side plug pins at the chassis, check table cam switches (perfect), and make sure all microswitch connections were tight. We've not had a repeat since, and right now we don't need it.

                Bender: We don't use the AUX boards, and if I ever have time to take them out - there yours.

                GPS: Our Accu-Score does not auto switch to second ball in the tenth frame, it simply finishes the cycle for you if the last ball is not a strike.

                geminix: If the problem occurs again - I will replace the table cam switches.

                Thanks for the help guys!


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                  Re: Cycle problem



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