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82-30B manual


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  • 82-30B manual

    Hi Everybody.
    This is my first post so please be gentle with me if I botch it up, o.k?

    I'm trying to get my mitts on an AMF manual for the 82-30B pinspotter with the 6525 chassis. Would anyone have either a spare or know of anyone who would be willing to sell me one?

    I have tried AMF here in Australia and have found them to be extremely expensive..e.g $149.00 !!

    I am currently in the running for a managerial position at a bowling establishment and would like to come up to speed on the back-end workings.

    Cheers and Beers

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    Re: 82-30B manual

    Cheers & Beers {I love it}. I never heard of an AMF 82/30B machine I have worked on 82/30 5850's and 6525's,82/70 SS and currently work on 82/70 B's. I have manuals for all of the above. I might be able to make you a copy. email me and lets see what we can do.


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      Re: 82-30B manual

      The 8230B is an 8230 with a 6525 chassis. I called AMF Tech support one day and told him I had 8230B machines and his reply was, "There is no such thing." Funny though...the serial number plates on all 24 of mine say "Model 8230B".
      Now I'm just waiting for the day they upgrade me to (at least) some used 8270's. Many more nights like tonight and I'll be bald as well as gray.



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        Re: 82-30B manual

        Hey! I thought I was the only one who had contacted AMF and got that "Ï have never heard of that model" line. I must admit that the guy I had emailed was very helpful in answering my queries.... Carl is his name.... so if he's reading this, "Thanks Mate!"

        I even e-mailed him a photo of the serial plate just so he knew I hadn't been hitting the Bundy too much!

        GPS..... the more Beers, the more Cheers!!!!
        Will e-mail you very soon.

        Russb is spot on as far as the chassis goes. The ones we have here are 6525's and are, like yours, beginning to show their age but äre still "keep on keeping on".
        Sounds like you've had a tough night.They say bald men are great thinkers..... I think!

        One thing I would like to run by you guys is this. One of the main gripes I hear from the Mechanics (note capital "M" ) at our location
        is the lack of knowledge the front of house staff have of the workings "out back".
        Now,if a new guy came on board in a semi-managerial capacity and actually show some interest in the workings of the machines, would he be classed as a wanker, or would you welcome the interest shown?
        It seems to me that one of the biggest complaints is that the desk staff have no idea what goes on at the back end and I'm hoping to make amends in that regard. Everyone's gotta work together.

        I'm very new to this industry and I don't want to stuff things up.

        More Beers and Cheers


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          Re: 82-30B manual

          Maybe Carl will believe us now that you've e-mailed him that picture.
          In reference to the guys up front working in the back: I think every counter person (anyone who gets on the mic to call something to the back even) should spend at least one night in the back during league just to see how hectic things can get (like on those nights when one of your kicker lifts decides it's NOT going to pick up a ball no matter what you do and you spend 2 hours pushing balls into the lift by hand while catching all the other calls).

          Just curious...what kind of ball lifts do you have on your 30's...kickers, PBL's, or the original vertical lift? I have 11 kicker lifts and one PBL conversion...definitely will have to start converting the others SOON !

          Russ (looking forward to a couple of beers!)


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            Re: 82-30B manual

            RUSSB, Try a humpback return instead of a pbl. Works as good if not better and has 1/3 the parts.


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              Re: 82-30B manual


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                Re: 82-30B manual


                Important points you make. Our mechs are very fit guys who can do the 100 yard dash in 5 seconds!! ........O.K, so maybe I exagerated....8 seconds!

                I have found that by having, at least, a basic working knowledge of what goes on "back there", enables everyone to work together without people doing their block.
                It's gotta be a better way to work.

                These 82-30B's are bog standard original with the vertical straight rail ball lifts.
                No retro's or conversions that I'm aware of.
                Smithsonian Institute fodder perhaps????
                If you want one, take No. 4..... it's giving us the $h!t$.

                Have a brew for me, O.K?


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                  Re: 82-30B manual


                  Vantage sells PBL conversion for 30’s #V610-700-120-30 for $5,200.00 each…... OUCH!!! You can hire a lot of pinchasers for that! A few of years ago Tuffy was working on a solenoid ball door latch, but had problems with it. I don’t know if they ever perfected it, or dropped it.

                  Good luck with what ever you decide to do. Because ball jams are the biggest headaches on any 82/30 (A,B,C, ect…LOL) I worked on them for 17 years and never heard of an 82/30B either. Guess your never to old to learn.

                  So are you running solid pinwheels with a 6525 chassis? I never understood why AMF wanted to put in the PR-6 and PR-7 in the first place. Just another set of contacts to cause problems! Biggest and cheapest upgrade you can do to a 30 is convert the stepper to an Omega tech MK-30 they are great, and like the 30, bullet proof!! Also it stops a lot of K&L glitches by isolating the ground.


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                    Re: 82-30B manual

                    to EnMecmMa

                    personally I feel that it sometimes not a great idea of the front end learning about the workings of the back...a little knowledge can be dangerous! But then again I feel that the qualifications for any Night
                    Manager should be that they have ahd machine experience. How amny times night guys ahve complained that the frt doesn't pick up the intercom but pick up the phone on the first ring?

                    Second, it really doesn't matter what exit is in the machine, I have 4400 & 6525 machines all with kicker exits converted from verticals and when we have a B/R call something is wrong with the exit, if they are set up properly they are trouble free.


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                      Re: 82-30B manual

                      82-30B's have open pinwheel. Also was told it was called the B because of the newer ball lift, of course using the kicker wheels. 6525 was also the newer item to that vintage. Pincounters were located under the distributor but I later moved them back on top the distributor because they worked better. Also the table gears were designed differently then the older 30's. The motors were upgraded and the sweep was slightly redesigned. Seems like that was mostly the difference to the "B's" This was a big improvement over the 25's, (82-25 I guess) I remember an AMF service rep telling me one time that the 82-30B was actually an 82-40 or 45. I forgot which 40 he said.


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                        Re: 82-30B manual

                        hey all, im just an ignorant 82-70's nut....LOL

                        just curious....whats the difference in the kickbacks of the 82-30's vs. 82-70's that causes such a price difference for PBL conversions???

                        Is the 30's ball door further forward or back then that of the 70?

                        I always thought 70&30 Backends were the same except for the distributor&toggle levers in the pinwheel.

                        i think all the changes/evolution of AMF pinspotters is fascinating


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                          Re: 82-30B manual


                          The balldoor sides on both machines have to be changed over because of a vertical Vs a slanted lift. (The weldments for the ball lift won't line up.) The ball doors line up differently. The cushion weldments are slightly different but can be modified with a block of hardwood. The bounce board and mounts are all together different requiring new BB's. I believe the rear roller has a longer shaft. Another big expense is a totally different ball lift. If a 30 already has been converted to kickers the cost should be the same as the 70's.



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