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  • Table binding

    I have 82-70's and I just changed a table drive shaft and now every once in awhile I have the table bind up. When I turn the motor with the crank it turns hard for about 4 or 5 turns and then frees up. I am sure I'm just not seeing something somewhere but I can't figure it out. Most of the time it runs without a problem. I have checked everything I can think of. If anyone has had a problem like mine please help me.

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    Re: Table binding

    Check to be sure the table drive ass'y.(eccentric--I call it !)
    isn't hitting the frame when the table is part way down-you may have it too far onto the shaft.
    Table drive shafts...they're worth a six-pack,huh?
    I've busted five in 26 years.enough to be a pain..not often enough to 'stay in practice "!

    They usually bust near the key to run the shuttle actuator...check your 'stop bolts' on the shuttle actuator.If they're screwed in too far,it puts a lot of stress on the cam,leading to shaft faliure.


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      Re: Table binding

      hey harv

      without knowing where the table is when the bind occurs its hard to pinpoint.

      at a differnent house i had national motors and a similar ended up being a broken tooth in the gear box

      my offhand guess would be
      -the shuttle cam rubbing against the shuttle lever
      -table drive rubbing against frame as harv suggested
      -or one of the spot/respot rollers which follow the cams rubbing against the other cam. in particular the respot roller rubbing against the spotting cam when the table is all the way down/on its way back up
      -also be sure to have the collar which is on the opposite side of the swivel bearing as the table drive tight to prevent the shaft from wandering from side to side

      hope this helps


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        Re: Table binding

        i change about 5 a year .so far only 1 this season. most people dont get the locking collar seated over swivel bearing and everything shifts and spot/respot cam can bind on spot or respot lever,or followers.

        i would change whole table motor with another mach. just to eliminate it .could do same with drive assy. possible swivel bearing could be bad,maybe if it took a beating from trying to get shaft out.

        i had one where house person was going to help before i got there on beat on end of shaft with hammer,no wood block,didnt unlock collar,and mushroomed the end.

        had a lot of fun filing.

        when you find it let us know


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          Re: Table binding

          Just in case anyone is interested, the table drive shaft almost always breaks at the keyway for the shuttle cam. If you remove the key, it gives you some room to adjust the cam for better shuttling, and you will never break another table drive shaft. Well probably not anyways.



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            Re: Table binding

            when putting new table drive shaft in .to get the left to right lined up i line up shuttle cam on keywaythen to follower then tighten locking collar.

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              Re: Table binding

              sounds like a gearbox to me, probably the most neglected part of the machine
              i don't need mods, i am a bloody genius


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                Re: Table binding

                Ok guys this is what I believe to be the lowdown on tabe drive shafts. Have replaced probably 12 to 14 shafts in the last 20 yrs only 1 in the last 5 yrs. The reason the shaft breaks in the first place is due to an allignment problem. The two bearings on the shaft {one by the motor and one by the table drive unit} are not lined up properly due to assembly errors. The shaft extends through the bearing {spline side} not at 90 degrees. When the motor is bolted down it puts a strain on the shaft. As the shaft continues to turn it is also flexing. Over a period of years the shaft will eventually weaken an break and asm mentioned before almost always by the shuttle cam. Solution? Remove the bearing by the motor to eliminate the bind.


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                  Re: Table binding

                  the newer 82/70s dont have bearing by motor and still break. the stahls idea that keeks mentioned is what im going to do that should take some twisting action off shaft.


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                    Re: Table binding

                    If its a west. motor check the expansion plug in the gear cage. Sometimes if a shaft breaks it knocks the plug loose and it will roll around the 3 planet gears,causing occasional binding like you describe.


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