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  • durabowl gutters

    Can one of you do me a little favor? I was in a AMF center over the weekend that installed new durabowl gutters and capping. On the capping at the foul line was a sticker saying dont cross the line and some other stuff, probably a 4x6 yellow sticker. Can someone find a part number from AMFfor these? (the mgr. there wasnt very helpful when he found out it was for another center)
    thanks in advance

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    Re: durabowl gutters

    Hey Marty,

    I used to have those stickers on each foul unit, at a previous house. Everybody's freakin sue happy!!!

    Never did find the part #. But with today's computers, a little creativity, you can print out a professional looking sticker on a sheet of sticky paper and laminate it (to protect it from oil and whatever) for about .50 to .75 cents per sticker.



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      Re: durabowl gutters


      Working for an AMF Center, I can tell you that there is no part number for that sticker...which is actually 1 of 2. AMF Mandates to all Head Mechanics that the big yellow go on the capping and the little yellow be installed on power lifts or Sure-Piks. We get these from AMF Corporate Risk Management Department. Tell you what, drop me your address and stuff and maybe I can find some around here, or at least 1 so you can get some more made up. (Fairly cheap I believe). Or better yet, gimme a call at 818-341-0070 ask for Keith and I see what I can do.
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        Re: durabowl gutters

        Never though about using a printer for a sticker. I guess thats why I paid some much for a good printer to do things like that. I guess anything you can do to warn people not to cross the line helps, but like the boss said, who knows if they can read!


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