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lane cycle problem


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  • lane cycle problem

    I have a lane that wants to cycle on it's own but only once in a while. I have disconnected the cusion switch so I know that isn't the problem. I have check all the wires under ground and can't find a problem there. I have 82-70's with qubica scoring. It does not score when it cycles so I'm pretty sure it's not in the scoring but not positive. Please help me if anyone can. 814-382-8721 thank you.
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    Re: lane cycle problem

    Hey Joe
    First things first, do you have infra red cycling switches. If so check the alignment, and the connection in the AMC box. While in the AMC box, check and make sure that 2 terminals are touching each other. If this isn't the problem check the plug from the AMC box to the channel, sometimes wire comes loose and causes machine to cycle.


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      Re: lane cycle problem

      Hey joe,
      First off the fact that it dosent score when it cycles is a big hint.
      If your infareds were out of wack or the sw was shorting it would score.
      If you have old 10th frame switches on your ball returns you may want to disconnect them.
      also check the cycle switch and circut in the control panel on the back of the machine.
      I would also check to make sure your sweep cams are adjusted properly and the sweep moter isnt coasting enough to start the machine cycling.(yes some 8270s will do that)
      I hope this helps


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        Re: lane cycle problem

        I also have Qubica scoring an 82/70s.At our center i ran into a lot of that!Qubica instalation was not the GREATEST! Make sure that the wires running to the cushion start switch are cut & taped,not letting the touch any part of the machine, I had several lanes where the wires where just left exposed causing a false cycle. Also check your amc box where they piggy back off your 10th frame switch i also found problems there.That is about all that can cause a false cycle with out scoring with Qubica scoring. how long have you had Qubica? an what to you think about it.
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          Re: lane cycle problem

          Hey Joe,
          I see you've found it. In the future
          you might want to..CHECK THE MECHANICS CONTROL BOX...A Very Good Chance You Will Get A Pinched Wire. I had 12 out of 32!!


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