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  • Sweep&Table Cams

    Can someone please explain the following:
    What are TA1,TA2,TB,-Sa,Sb,Sc.And also witch ones are used in conjuntion with each other..
    on the AMF 82/70 Pinspotter?
    I thought this would be an interesting
    I will be interested in reading the posting!

    Thank you all for your time:-)

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    Re: Sweep&Table Cams

    Tom, you are asking alot of information but I will start the ball rolling and coors and Ken and the rest of the guys can jump in. Cam switches tb and sc are your interlock switches. They are connected in parallel to ground.Anytime the table or sweep are in what is called an interference zone the corresponding swith will open. If both switches are open neither sweep or table relay will energise. The reason for tb and sc is so the table and sweep don,t make physical contact with each other. When both switches are open and no ground is supplied to the circuit you have what is called an interlock. Good luck, hope this helps. I'm sure others will follow up on the rest of your question.


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      Re: Sweep&Table Cams

      thx for the intro GPS

      im good at reversing first off...when the cam "finger" gets pushed out...i call open....and when the cam lever is pulled in i call it closed

      the SA cam is used to stop the sweep at 270(second guard) when the cam is opened and stop the sweep at zero when it closes

      SB is used to stop the sweep at 66(first guard) when it opens and initialize table run for the spotting of the pins when it closes

      TA1 when it used to initiatize sweep run up to zero when using 6700 chassis...TA1 is used to stop the table at 355 when it closes...

      TA2 is used to initialize sweep run through when it opens...& initializes sweep up with MP and all other chassis....TA2 is also responsible for changing ball lights/logic in conjunction with SA when TA2 closes

      & SC & TB are the interlock cams


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        Re: Sweep&Table Cams

        so in order of use...excluding interlock
        1st Ball...
        sweep drops until SB opens....
        table runs to pick up pins...
        when TA2 opens sweep runs through...
        sweep runs through until SA opens...
        table puts pins back down...
        TA2/TA1 opens which runs the sweep up...
        sweep stops at zero when SA closes...
        Machine changes balls when SA closes....
        table stops at 355 when TA1 closes

        now i know several will dispute when the ball logic every chassis has its own time to switch...SS's switch as described...MP's change is controlled by the MP board and i think just the initialization of sweep run through on first and second ball causes the lights to change)...MP's with Creative Technology boards also switch as described above....and 82-90's switch when the sweep reaches second guard position(opening of SA)

        GPS..the 8270 B's i worked on changed balls at "sweep up"(second opening of TA2) yours do the same?

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          Re: Sweep&Table Cams

          Thank you GPS & COORS

          For your time



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