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  • Kickers

    i could use some info and tips on how to eliminate kicker calls.What to do about balls not kicking in to door(1/4 kick)and balls not kicking to starter(3/4 kick).
    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Kickers

    We just spent the last two days trying to
    "adjust" a few exits to compensate for the
    excessive lane oil.After you have double checked the rear filler and saddle, be sure
    the ball lift isn't adjusted too low. The
    other problem is the starter pad. With the
    loss of friction, the starter pad cannot be
    depressed easily by the ball. You can bend
    the pad assembly inward or reduce the pad
    spring pressure. In some houses, they change the pad stop to limit the forward movement
    of the pad. Another quick fix is to lower the starter pad below it's normal position
    by unbending the lower pad stop. This allows
    the starter pad to follow the contour of the ball and creates a better friction "bite"
    for the ball.
    I don't enjoy altering a good piece of equipment, but when you've got a few hundred units of oil running out to 42 feet, you have to do whatever is necessary. My manager
    loves oil. Good luck! You should receive
    lots of replys on this subject.
    "Gun control is the policy of tyrants"
    Rep. Rob Bishop (R-UT)


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      Re: Kickers

      Along with the adjustments of the previous post you might want to try setting the kickers a little further back. what I did is i cut a small piece of a cup liner and glued it to the rear filler plate bumper, assuming you are using the thicker bumpers. Then I went to a longer kicker belt (8695). Also make sure there is a minimal separation between the kickers and the side walls. I have them so they just miss the walls.


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        Re: Kickers

        my house is down to 6 pair left still having kicker problems...

        i replaced them with PBL's...LOL

        Im just bein a smart ass


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          Re: Kickers


          Have you tried the enhanced ball lift pads made by Zot? I have one on order but haven't received it yet. If it helps with the ball calls I'll let you know.



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            Re: Kickers

            just got in from an all nighter replacing 3&4 with PBL's....down to 5 lanes with kicker probs....LOL......night


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              Re: Kickers

              correction....5 pair....night


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                Re: Kickers

                I'm putting humpback ball lifts, which do away with kickers. Have to lanes done now and both work perfect. I plan on install on all lanes. They really work great.
                Ron M


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                  Re: Kickers

                  ive got kicker parts goin out the back door quicker than the dumpster people can empty it.....anybody want any kicker parts????....


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                    Re: Kickers

                    Watch out for the Humpbacks. They have their own problems. Not to mention the price of the belts. You might want to test the ones you have in now before ordering more.

                    We only have one (in a 50 lane house) & we've had to replace the belt once already.
                    It's only been in for 10 months.

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