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  • XL-90 upgrade

    We are considering going with the upgrade package this summer. All new wireing,motors,and chasis.No more table cable or respot wires.Infared triggering and pin detection cameras that mount on top of my scanners.Just wondering about the pros and cons of the 90 over the 70.I currently have 6500 with omega single board conv.,national motors and brunswick as-80 scoring.

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    Re: XL-90 upgrade

    NOT WORTH IT!!!!!

    The 90 upgrade package can't even be classified as a glorified 70!! Why change the wiring? Is it wearing out? The upgrade uses Franklin Motors. I've got a few of them....still got parts on back order for them for over 2 years!!!

    I've been running the Omega Tec Conversions dated from 1984, still going stronger than anything AMF's ever made...With the exception of the 70.
    Two machines go down when the single chassis goes south. Hell why not make one chassis to run 40 machines?...after all it only takes a few sec to change it!!!

    For a couple hundred per pair you can get electronic triggering...why spend thousands??

    I could go on and on but I'll let somebody else put their two cents in.

    AMF screwed up when they made to good of a machine (the 70) and now their loosing money because of it.



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      Re: XL-90 upgrade

      I held my tongue

      thx tech...i too cant see the advantage in the 90 upgrade except for those centers (and i know a few) that have soooooo much money it doesnt matter anyhow.

      perhaps it was a typo....was there a 6500 chassis????

      not that i braggin or anything...but my omega-tek boards are cerca 1981 and still goin strong.

      and do you think any customer will notice the difference between an 82-70/ you think a customer even notices the difference between AMF and Brunswick?? me...the answer is.........UUUhhhhh...there qubica pinsetters right?


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        Re: XL-90 upgrade

        Hey Mreessr,
        I to, thought about ordering the package, and then thought what a waste of money. I have 82-70's with Omega Tec single boards, and Brunswick Scoring. Have yet to have a problem, so why change. The only advantage to the 90's over the 70's is the backend motor. Change of positioning and better built
        for the pinspotter. But, why spend 1,000's of dollars when they can be roplaced for 100's of dollars. The rest of the package seems like a waste of money. Simple question, the 82-90 still uses a ball lift and PBL conversion to return the ball, why would you speed up the cycle system, when you all ready have to wait for the ball?
        Buy Omega Tec boards and ball triggering system, and leave it at that.


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          Re: XL-90 upgrade

          Wow,such negative responses.Yes, a lot of my wireing is bad (hard,cracked insulation and corrosion everywhere)I have been replacing a lot but there are miles of it.I inherited a house of machines that were shipped over from Japan and sat in a warehouse for a year or so.The former head mechanic wasnt high on prev.maint.The national motors and gearboxes are falling apart faster than I can get parts for them.I have 50 cy. 5-board chassis,(sorry for the missunderstanding Coors,I dont know why I typed 6500).I guess I was looking for some info on how the 90 runs verses the 70.Not whether it is a good deal or not. That is up to us to decide.


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            Re: XL-90 upgrade

            so anyhow..the 90 upgrade would be awesome....wish i could afford it...let me know what kind of toys you get with the upgrade


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              Re: XL-90 upgrade

              Downs to the 82/90-XL package:

              Unless you have AMF Scoring, an additional camera is needed on capping...all table wiring is bypassed.

              A central chassis is used instead of two separate units. If chassis goes, you're out a pair of lanes, not just one.

              If you get the following in the package, it MIGHT be worth it:

              a) Steel table....has new respots that aren't on a frame. (New steel table req's modifications to front end drive)

              b) New pin elevator setup. ABS Wheel cover and ring tube/roller bearing assembly.

              What I've done was utilize parts budget to add on to my 70 pinsetters (born in 1986). With the money you spend on the 90 upgrade you can go across the house with Ultra 98 Plus Chassis and get all of the functions (electronically speaking) that the 82/90 does. I've also retrofitted alot of 70s parts with 90s pick and choose which 90 parts are better than 70s. As far as PBLs/LBSs go, can't comment on that. They came with my original 70s as my machines were in the last production run of manufacturing 82/70s. I'll be glad to let you know what else I've retor'd (Coors can too I imagine)if you're interested.

              "Where are we going, and why are we in a hand basket?"



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                Re: XL-90 upgrade

                Qubica has a camera interface too for the 8290xl chassis.

                The qubica camera unit replaces completely the AMF camera and triggering system, altough the AMF triggering system can be left in place for emergency reasons.




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                  Re: XL-90 upgrade

                  All of the 90's ideas are good ones, but you can get most of these with minor upgrades from other companies much cheeper. Omega-tek (they are gods)has their expander card that will give you all the benifits of the MP chassis (short X & gutter cycles and the option of disconnecting the tbl cable but leaving it in place incase you need it. IE: auto-scoring crashes.) and it is compatable with every auto-scoring system that I know of. Besides, you can't beat the lifetime warranty.
                  The list goes on & on, but neither of my centers are going with the 90 upgrade.


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