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MP and MP Plus electronic chassis


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  • MP and MP Plus electronic chassis

    Hello all from Australia.
    Previously posted this question under Scoring/Electronics.
    Problem is:- am running 24 lanes 82-70 with the Creative Tech MP Plus chassis and having problems with some. No one I can find in Aus knows much about them.
    Continuous sweep ?
    Continuous foul?
    5 watt resistor in power supply burning out?
    3 different faults on 3 different units.
    Do any of you blokes repair them or know anyone who can help.
    Cost and downtime to states for repair is scary....
    Also have a couple of the Standard MP with intermittent or no strike cycle...(sweep drops...detects strike alright but goes straight to second ball and obviously no pins......cylcle from anyware and set pins OK. Fault is definately on pcb.The 7-10 pickoff not working on the faulty board also if that helps any.
    Suggestions please?

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    Re: MP and MP Plus electronic chassis

    i personally dont have the luxury of using creative tech/mp chassis....but have worked in houses with them.

    if you would ask questions specifically...about a particular sure kat can answer your questions....and tech gps & i can if they are typical run of the mill problems

    give us a try


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      Re: MP and MP Plus electronic chassis


      When you mention "Standard MP" are you referring to 9800/9802 Chassis? If so, the problem you were describing about no shortened strike cycle or 7/10 SWSR, is usually caused by a faulty M2 relay. this relay provides for automatic SWSR which is necessary for all shortened cycles.
      As far as your Creative Tech units go, drop a line and let me know what your problems are with them...also make sure you C1/C2 pin configuration has not been modified over the years...this will cause problems as well. I'm running the Ultra 98 Plus (aka AMF Superstar) across the house with no problems, just better performance.

      Coors: Thanks for the intro!
      "Where are we going, and why are we in a hand basket?"



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        Re: MP and MP Plus electronic chassis

        Contact me @Zotpinsetter parts 1-800-525-8116
        We purchased CTI about 5 years ago I run the repair center my name is Russ Oliver we can take care of you and give them some updates.


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          Re: MP and MP Plus electronic chassis

          If at first you don't succeed, try, try, again. Then quit. There's no use being a damn fool about it." -W.C.Fields


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