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  • Lane Oil

    Hi all im a Head Mechanic from Australia and im just wondering if anybody uses VISFLO lane oil.
    I am currently using it and i am not happy using it at allfor a the major reason is that my Silver Bullet Magnum will not wash the oil off the lane.
    I had no problems with the Bullet when i was using ABBSOLUTE.
    so any input will be great as long as you dont tell me to get new oil coz working for AMF i dont have a great oil selection to work with.

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    Re: Lane Oil

    Hey WildChild
    I used to use AMFCentury Visflo, when I first got the new Century Magnum. The only problem is carrydown, the oil moves down very quick. The only suggestion Ihave is keep the oil short(33-35ft), and don't clean lanes everyday. Carrydown build up helps the ball hold, and not overreact. Email me if you have any ?'s.


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      Re: Lane Oil

      I use visflo and luv it...tried defense, legends, & dba sure experience may vary by region/lane surface...i have 18' guardian & wood the rest of the way and visflow is by far the best/consistent. everyone is orgasming over defense...i dont get it(too much head depletion/carry down & over under). im oiling 40'+ stripping with CV88/AMF Topshot (same thing) and have no probs...tape easily reads 0.0 @ 45' and 300's are plentful...had two female 800's this month...FYI i use a silver bullet & visflo's 32/39/48 Yeah i know it says 48 cant be used in wickless machine..oooopps!!!


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        Re: Lane Oil

        let me rephrase that

        yeah i know it says 48 CANT be used in WICK machines....whew...that was


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          Re: Lane Oil

          Visflo is a good oil if you can tame it. It's not as easy as some other oils. Ball calls. It lasts a long time on the house balls just like on the lanes. CV-88 will get it off.

          Coors, It's the only oil we found that would hold up on Guardian.
          By the way, if you're thinking of going full length Guardian - DON'T!!!! You've got the best Guardian combo right now. We had a good thing going & then went full length. Even Visflo wasn't up to THAT challenge. Thank God they decided to renovate. It's synthetics with Legends now.

          Oh, The Defense oil craze... When people hear that the new balls are going to shorten your synthetic lanes life expectancy by 75% they tend to freak out. (Can you blame them?)Defense is being marketed as "The only oil, currently on the market, that will protect the lanes from the new Pro-active balls".


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            Re: Lane Oil

            Well i have full synthetic lanes HPL, and im using 24 Visflo and even today i had to wash the backends first before i did a full strip and oil... Man the SBM can be a very TEMPREMENTAL machine!!!

            ps Next time i wont post my lane dramas in the pinspotter spot!! sorry


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              Re: Lane Oil

              hey guys,
              we have full length guardian and since getting our phoenix we used dba evolution
              (you may have read my posting re dirty balls)
              no great problem with ball calls even on the spectrum returns.Last xmas during league break we changed to visflo 32.5 and all hell broke loose.ball calls, off spots and pins not holding in the toggles. we kept using it until about march but couldn't put done a decent condition so we changed back to evo. still can't get a great condition due to worn guardian but no more carry down probs.. but guess what,we are now getting dirty balls again!!!!!!!!looks like another u/lane wash is due. yuk.
              anyway back to the question, wildchild, are you keeping the cleaner pad clean, also the sponge has to be kept clean. i remember the trouble we had at bennets with the gemini trying to wash the oil off.
              a centre here on the coast uses a sbm and they have a huge b/end apparently. i'm going over on the weekend to see the gc masters so i'll ask what wash they are using.i think they are using legends oil.




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                Re: Lane Oil

                "Oh, The Defense oil craze... When people hear that the new balls are going to shorten your synthetic lanes life expectancy by 75% they tend to freak out. (Can you blame them?)Defense is being marketed as "The only oil, currently on the market, that will protect the lanes from the new Pro-active balls"."
                Dutch, I have never seen any marketing like this. Where did you see this, or did Kegel tell you that?

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                  Re: Lane Oil

                  Animal, This came to me thru my boss. I'll find out where he got it from & get back to you.


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                    Re: Lane Oil

                    I have full lenght gardian and have been getting very good results with Brunswick Command oil. It cleans very well and holds up really well. I used vis-flo when it first came out and was impressed, but as the gardian got older nothing seemed to work.


                    P.S. We have a nickname for our Silver Bullet Magnum. Silver bullsh*t magnet!!LOL
                    let me be myself


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                      Re: Lane Oil

                      My boss said that when Kegel was here to demonstrate the Sanction machine, it was one of the pitch lines. It isn't part of their regular marketing. Guess they don't want to put it in writing.
                      Found out today that Defense has been discontinued in favor of their new oil... Offense.
                      That info came from one of their competitors.


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                        Re: Lane Oil

                        Dutch I think that is hilarious.
                        I worked at a 40 lane synthetic center this past year and am leaving this month for another opportunity.
                        Arriving in July of last year, the machines were in need of immediate attention, so I didn't run tapes until the end of August. The Boss was being installed during summer also. The shot the manager had out there had no more than 30 units in the middle. (I freaked). They had enough Visflo 39 for six months, so I tried to make it work. I also had to use a SB Magnum, sure enough after some tweeking, I developed a wonderful shot, in fact most say the best in Anchorage and I'm a firm believer in an honest shot.
                        The margin for error with the stripper system designed in this machine is terrible.
                        If it's not perfect, it just won't get all the carrydown. I use Visclean, the citrus based cleaner, it does an excellent job. The
                        last 3 years I had a Chairman and ran Visflo 48, we had an excellent shot, but not enough good players. Fortunately, I had Y.A.B.A. State and Womens State the following year and the Kids lit them up. Once during the year they had a lefty 300 and righty 800. The lefty went 300, 268, had been downing all the drinks bought for him, and last game was 158. (shame) There were a couple of 2100'S for City and State.
                        By the way, I love the idea behind the Chairman, but it was just ahead of it's time.
                        NOT ENOUGH TESTING. MAINTENANCE MAKER!!!! Get this, the owner wanted to lay me off during the summer to save money. Ha, I told him for a 32 lane house, don't expect me to come back in September to a house where there was no summer maintenance. Boy did they pay the price. By October they were using the backup Century 100 and the Lane Shark. If you bowled league there, you were lucky if you were able to stay on the same pair for a three-game set. Your mechanic is your most valuable employee. He found out the hard way that pin chasers are just that.
                        I have a Phoenix at the new jobsite and love it!! A stripping genius!
                        All in all, Visflo will work, in fact all oil will work if you have the time to work with it and run alot of tapes until you get what you want, than have a good maintenance program to stay ahead of problems that may occur.
                        Well I've babbled long enough. Thanks for listening to me and good luck.

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