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pins hanging from table


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  • pins hanging from table

    I have checked everything. I need help please. When the table picks up the pins and the sweep clears the deck the table won't release the pins. It only seems to do it with a nearly full set of pins, and then that isn't all the time. If anyone knows what else I can check let me know.
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    Re: pins hanging from table

    hey joe,

    the easiest thing to do to stop it is to lengthen the carblink which is located between the 2&4 pins which connect the fingers to the cam shifter.

    or/and close the fingers...and the funny lookin finger thing in front of the 2&4 pins which has the 7/16 inch bolt in the end of it...with the fingers closed adjust the bolt so that it bottoms out. after the bolt bottoms out turn it an additional two turns or so to prevent the fingers from putting a death grip on the pins.

    the reason for the pins in the air is that one finger...or several "over close" on the pin. and the respot rod cannot exzert enough force to open them. doing the above will by you sometime until you can figure out which finger is the culprit...also bent wire ways from pins in the table could be causing binding.

    by not allowing the fingers to "over lock" on the pins its easier for the respot rod to reopen them

    of course if the fingers dont close sure you can guess what happens

    hope this helps


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      Re: pins hanging from table

      most common is a bad respot cell,make sure they all open&close smoothly.if you have to unhook all carb links start over from 7 pin and reconnect till you find it .

      pawl adj. could be in to far from bent respot rod or wore spring hanger (green),

      twisted respot arm(older machs.)

      table leg bolts loose to cast table shifting it forward.bad bearing in table leg.

      hope it helps


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        Re: pins hanging from table

        i had one just the other night do that and what i found was the bracket that is welded to the front machine frame that holds the springs for the spot and respot levers was broken on one side. this allowed this bracket to bend forward which removed enough spring tension so the respot lever would not be pulled back to force the respot rod to push the finger link (070-002-590) into the link and bearing assembly (070-002-727) this problem is fixable by using a piece of angle iron if you can't weld it back inplace,other then that look for binds in your respot cells.

        good luck i hope this helps!
        jim k.


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          Re: pins hanging from table

          joe, another 2 cents, make sure you don't have a gropper swith that is out of adjustment (too tight pinching a pin). One last thing,make sure you are not going through a false off spot cycle. It can happen if your off spot switch is adjusted too close. Sweep would be at 66, table at o but machine would be on 2nd ball. Good luck.


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            Re: pins hanging from table


            ive had that happen,on newer machs its welded all the way around,older just spot can weld it with portable welder.

            either weld all the way around on all machs or make a bracket that bolts inside using deck lamp bolts (quick fix)

            just suggestions


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              Re: pins hanging from table

              joe is the table running back down before it keeps pins in air.

              if its not then offspot.(disconnect offspot wires put tape on ends so they dont ground and see if problem goes away.


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                Re: pins hanging from table


                Here's another $.02 worth. Check and make sure your table is level to the pindeck (by way of the stabilizer rods). If it's not, sometimes the finger & the "batman cam" don't line up properly. Also Check for a deformed spring on that finger...might be holding the finger up instead of bringing it horizontal.
                One other point (had this at my place) check your table support legs and make sure they're tight as can be. If they're loose and your table is walking, you will have periodic misalignment and/or tension on the respot rod.

                Best of luck!

                Kat :-)
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                  Re: pins hanging from table

                  There is also a repair kit from AMF for that spring holder that breaks. It extends from top to bottom of the machine frame and requires no bolting or welding. My .01 cent


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                    Re: pins hanging from table

                    all very excellant reply's

                    I concur with all of them.

                    maybe i missed one, here is mine.

                    make sure on the following:

                    RSC open clearances (all cells - start with the 7)
                    RSC cam and "spring holder" is OK
                    PAWL is adjusted correctly.

                    and a suggestion for later:

                    Install 5/16 table pins for the wireway.
                    that lifts the wireway above the top of the
                    nuts on the RSC.

                    hope that helps


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                      Re: pins hanging from table

                      usually, that problem is due to the gap between the pawl and the groove it rides in. if the gap is too little the pawl cannot pivot up and down and will just stay in one groove, usually the bottom one. just loosen the respot rod and adjust the gap to no less than 1/8"
                      -Dennis Fonda


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                        Re: pins hanging from table

                        Had a similar problem. Sweep up and table up with pins in fingers. Saw table pick up pins put them down then go down again and pick them up. Really wierd. Turned out to be a coasting table motor. Go Figure!


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                          Re: pins hanging from table

                          Here's a wild idea. Could be a bad cell in the back row, knocking the pin as it closes so it picks it up off the back of the pindeck, then, because this pin will be hanging from the cell and won't be on the deck, the cells cannot open because the weight of this pin behind the deck is keeping them locked. Usually this shows up more on tables with full openings at the rear. Other than that, it is something loose, binding, or not adjusted peroperly.

                          I don't set the finger link gap the way the book says. I crank the table up as high as it will go, close the cells about halfway, then set the gap to about 1/8" minimum to 1/4", this ensures there is clearance for the shift of the link to take place and ensures maximum cell drive.

                          Its probably just a bind or cell that is too tight.


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                            Re: pins hanging from table

                            Just throwing this out there (lol) but I'd say they may have fixed it by now (well you would hope so anyway) with this thread being like 12 years old....

                            not having a go at anyone....just making pleasant conversation
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