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Gearbox sealing techniques


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  • Gearbox sealing techniques

    While I'm a brunswick mech, just wanted to hear your input on how to keep gearboxes from leaking oil, heard a 30 man say something about anaerobic glue, but I'd like to hear your techniques on how to prevent oil leaks.



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    Re: Gearbox sealing techniques

    Well Kevin i only use a silicone on my gearboxes in the land of OZ. I find that silicone seals the gearboxes better than most products...



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      Re: Gearbox sealing techniques

      i just use regular "form-a-gasket" along with the regular gasket and have had no probs


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        Re: Gearbox sealing techniques

        For sealing our GBs, I use (in addition to factory gaskets) is Yamabond. It use was primarily designed for watercraft and such, but works fabulous on gearboxes. Anyone get some at the nearest Jet Ski dealer. BTW, Yamabond is made by Yamaha.

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          Re: Gearbox sealing techniques

          I use slilicon on the 30's boxes and make sure i leave it at least 24 hours to cure fully before putting oil in. Also i use new bolts to secure the adaptor plate to the casing.



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            Re: Gearbox sealing techniques

            For 30's I've had great success with a hi-temp silicone with copper. On 70's (Nationals) don't use anything and no problems.

            Another technique I use to prevent leaking, is to make sure the shaft is not worn where the seal rubs. If it is, just don't press the seal all the way (or farther in if housing allows)and use silicone on the OUTSIDE to prevent it from slipping. Of course you have to make sure it has enough bite in the housing or it could be a disaster.


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