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Spectrum Belts and Rail Covers


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  • Spectrum Belts and Rail Covers

    I have spectrum ball returns that are in dire need of new belts and upsweep rail covers. I have put new AMF rail covers and belts on these returns, and they are worse now then when we started fixing them. All the proper adjustments have been made (min. and max.) and we cannot find a tolerance that will work with these parts. The rail covers are the black hard rubber. Tomorrow I'm going to cut the bad spot out of the urethane upper covers and reinstall them. This spectrum lift belt seems to be incredibly poor at doing the job that it's supposed to do. Maybe it's just the rail covers making them look poor, I'm not sure. There are several belts out there and I have worked with spectrums since 1985, and have never had this type of trouble. Will someone recommend a good belt? I do have a few stahls PBL belts and I understand that type of covering is the same as their spectrum lift belt.

    I keep the leather straps brushed and roughed up. At what point do you ever have to change these? These straps are 15 years old. Any input would be greatly appreciated because I would like to know what anyone else is using, and what you would recommend. Thank you for your help.

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    Re: Spectrum Belts and Rail Covers

    i,ve worked with spectrums in various centres over the past 16 years and find that the genuine amf belt is best. we have several locally belts available in oz but they generally "go off" and won't elevate the ball. the amf belt seems to keep its texture longer. as far as the rail covers go i have just finished replacing ours.our units had a combination of black rubber and red urethane covers. the rubber ones split and the urethane ones went hard and brittle (also we had a rat that loved chewing them). we have a local parts supplier who gets blue urethane covers made.apparently the color denotes the hardness of the material. we also use these on the upsweep rails down the back.
    hope this helps,



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      Re: Spectrum Belts and Rail Covers

      I don't know anything about the spectrum return but If the covers it uses are the same covers that are used on the ball lift track covers, the ones from Stahl's are the best I've used. The ones with the "T" sufix. If increased pressure will help, Stahl's double thick covers are even better.
      Hope I've been of some help.


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        Re: Spectrum Belts and Rail Covers

        I have Spectrum ball returns in my center. I have always used the Green AMF belt. Seems to work the best for me. As for rail covers, never replaced any yet. They just keep goin strong. I do however clean the leather straps clean and roughed up. They too seem to last forever. Good Luck!
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