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pin curtains.


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  • pin curtains.

    i remember reading in one of the topics somebody asking if we can fit a loose hanging curtain like in the brunswick gs series machines. after seeing these machines several years ago i contacted the local association head office and asked them if it was possible. i had a recent copy of the sanction specifications manual and it had the dimensions for the gs series in it.
    they finally replied to me and said that even though the design of the amf and gs pit areas was similar a full abc testing procedure would have to be carried out to ascertain that the change would not affect the scoring.


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    Re: pin curtains.

    I was the one that asked about it in the other thread. I too asked around & found that it would effect the scoring. You can pick up a 7 - 10 split if you throw a strike ball. The corners of the curtain will curl around & knock them over. It's too close to the end of the pindeck on AMF machines.
    Thanks anyway,


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      Re: pin curtains.

      I personnaly think it might look stupid to have a free hanging curtain. I also think you might get pins flying out of the machine which could be a little dangerous. I do like the idea though, because it would make it easier to get in and out of the machines. Just my two cents.

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