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  • bin straps

    over the last 8 or 9 years i have been replacing the button head screw that holds these bin straps in place with 1/4-20X 1-1/2
    hex head bolts to make them much easier to service in the here's my problem, another amf mechanic of 30 years told me i can't do that because it will damage the pins ? i've been doing this for a long time and have never seen any of my pins get damaged because of these bolts. is any body else using the bolts instead of the button head screws ???? have you had any problems using them ?????

    jim k
    jim k.

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    Re: bin straps

    Do you mean bin or shuttle strap?? what is a bin strap????


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      Re: bin straps

      Jim, I have heard of this same problem myself. Recently my head mech. has presented me with alot of metal bars. He said, figure out what this is and how to build it. I figured it was a shuttle since it resembled the same. He told me to find the bolts and nuts around the shop. So when looking for them i pulled one off another machine. They were the hex button head bolts. But what i noticed that the hex head bolts where on the end. I was told that if put where the binstraps and pin holders are they will create binds while shutleing. I suggest these urathane pin holders that are 1 piece instead of 3. They last alot longer and dont bind up the pin during shuttling.


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        Re: bin straps

        A bin strap and shuttle strap are the same thing. I personnaly don't have them on most of my machines. I never found a need for them. What exactly are they for anyway? I do have a few machines that have a few on, meaning that not all ten bin pockets have one. I didn't notice a difference in operation with or with out them. Just my thoughts.
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          Re: bin straps

          Jim, I installed shuttle straps on both back rows about five years ago. It makes the shuttle much stronger and it keeps the pin holders at the proper width. I also use hex bolts on all the pin holders.
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            Re: bin straps

            If you line up the hex head with the shuttle tube you'll be fine. The head of the bolt is smaller than the shuttle tube & the stringer protects it from above.


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              Re: bin straps

              Dutch, why cause a future problem for yourself. Do it the right way and the way it was ment to be. Spend 10 bucks on a bucket of button head bolts. All these shortcuts will creep up on you and your backend will make you pay for them.


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                Re: bin straps

                You've never heard of upgrades?
                If you can make something better or easier than it was originally without it causing any ill effects, DO IT!
                We've been using the standard bolts on our shuttles since before I got there 15+ years ago. No ill effects in all that time. I'd say it's a proven up grade.


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                  Re: bin straps

                  I'll have to agree with Deadwood on this one. Button head bolts were put there for a reason, to prevent nicks along the bellies of the pins. IMO, it is much easier when changing a pin holder or strap to utilize a long T-handle hex key and a 7/16 speed wrench. It's kinda funny to see some mechanics adding bolts here, drilling extra holes there, a spring here, and some tie wraps there.
                  While I'm all for improving pinsetters by trying new and innovative products (I have some on my machines) "hacking up" a pinsetter (or pinspotter for the AMF
                  die-hards out there) is just wrong. There are times I walk into the backend of other centers and inquire about what does this spring do?, and doesn't your "A" mechanic know how to adjust this right? Yeah, OK, I'm being anal about things, but growing up in centers where everything runs like crap because nothing is adjusted properly or shortcuts taken at the wrong times will tend to make you want your center to out-perform those.

                  Just my $.02

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