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Mickey Mouse VS The Right Way!


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  • Mickey Mouse VS The Right Way!

    OK OK OK....I have stayed quiet long enough. As an up and comming "B" mech I cannot take this BS anymore. As I work with my "A" for the 1 or 2 hours that are needed for training
    we always have discussions about "Mickey Mousing" or "Ghetto Rigging" machines. "An Extra drill here or a Spring there, ducktape here and a slight tweak there is unacceptable while doing routine maintenance." So when I come onto Bowltech and read these threads about how all you need to do to adjust is tweak a rod here or put an extra spring there is poisin to my mind. I just dont understand why mechanics just dont do things the right way. Take the extra 10 or 15 minutes to do the job right to prevent future problems. The "Mickey Mouse" technique should only be used to get through league or a tournament. If this technique is being used day in and day out for maintenance then I have pitty on your center and your machines. Maybe if this stops your B-E will avg. 3 calls per shift and your other mechanics can concentrate on preventitive maintenance or cleaning their machines. Just had to get that off my chest since I see it day in and day out on many different threads. DO YOUR JOB RIGHT AND REAP THE BENNIFITS. Remenber, neglect to your machines causes bad carma and your machines will get you back. [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Mickey Mouse VS The Right Way!

    I said it in the other forum and i'll say it here too. Nobody said that they were permanent fixes. I think coors said until you have time to fix it the right way. I'm sure every mechanic has rigged a machine to get it through the night. Sometimes things break and you just can't fix it the right way at the time. I'm sure you'll run into that situation sometime.
    Give me a hammer and some duct tape and I can fix it!


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      Re: Mickey Mouse VS The Right Way!

      It’s already been said once & I’m not going to dignify another answer in this forum.

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        Re: Mickey Mouse VS The Right Way!

        i get where your coming from and totally agree with you, you are lucky to have machines like that, the last centre i ran was like that after 2 years of stripping mods, but one thing you must realise, is that a lot of us inherit these bad machines that have been modified, or neglected and have to keep them going, un modifying things is a slow gruelling process, sometimes machines have bends in them and do the funniest things because they are very old or have been severley mistreated, and as others have said, its just to get by, but if everyone in the industry had basically the same ideals as you we would be better off
        i don't need mods, i am a bloody genius


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          Re: Mickey Mouse VS The Right Way!

          Your well advised to listen, and follow the advise of you mentor, however I think your position of criticizing this forum, which probably constitutes at a minimum, 4000 man years of experience on the machinery your just now learning to work on, is at the least, presumptuous. Indeed you will find, through further perusual, this is the single best tool, next to the manual, you are apt to come across. We all are here to help each other, in a difficult job. As in life, glean what is good, beware of what is bad, but be well read so that you can make those choices


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            Re: Mickey Mouse VS The Right Way!

            The proper use of Duct Tape, shoestrings, bailing wire and Bandaids is an ART FORM.

            The instruction in the use of such items is
            LEARNED and passed down to each new generation of "B" and "C" mechanics.

            If "TIME" allows the "PROPER" fix of a machine, then DO IT. If not, then proper instruction in the above for-mentioned items is required.

            Remember that BOOK learning is how the machine should work, but BOOK learning DOESN'T get you through the night.


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              Re: Mickey Mouse VS The Right Way!

              Hey doc I hear ya. But you forgot the ty-raps and super glue. Works for me.


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