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  • Kickers

    Guys I need your help. I've been a head mechanic for almost 10 years. The centers I've worked in all had PBLs. Now I'm relocating to a center with 60 lanes worth of kickers. I'm not very familiar with this system aside from the most common adjustments. H'bout sending me all your tips and tricks for making these things run well.

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    Re: Kickers

    Check out the thread “Kicker Rollers” in this forum, dated 6-12-2000. You can get some free kicker rollers there from Murrey. So far, they're the best rollers I've used.
    As for tips & tricks, I'm in the same boat as you, 10+ years on PBL's & about a year, so far, on kickers. This is what I've learned so far;
    Keep the rollers as close to the kickbacks as possible without rubbing.
    Make sure all of the filler plates are tight.
    Keep the starter pad pivots lubed.
    Make sure that the bumpers that the kicker towers rest against are in good shape. If you have a rubbing problem when you install a new bumper, cut the bumper into a "D" shape.
    Kicker belts come in 2 lengths. Use the shorter of the 2. I don't remember the # off the top of my head but if you need it I can get it.
    Most of the time the original spring hanger, on the rudder tensioner, doesn't supply enough tension. You'll need to use a spring extendtion rod (Something like is used on the PBL lift) going to the lower ball lift link shaft. We use welding rod on most of them. Bend it for more tension - straighten it for less. A small linked chain works well too & looks better. You'll find that it can be a touchy adjustment on some of them.
    While you’re trying to get these kickers to work right, see how receptive the boss is to the Humpback. It works even better than the PBL.
    Good luck


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      Re: Kickers

      all the suggestions that i would have posted.
      one other:

      Raise the bounce plate up so that the ball comes in contact with the kicker roller BEFORE it get to the start pad.

      also, make sure that ALL assemblies have
      free movement.



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