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  • Safety

    There has been a lot of talk in the Brunswick forum about safety around the machines. I've seen many mechanics that don't unplug the machine or even turn it off before climbing in. Most of them just turn off the pit and the table and cycle the machine so the sweep drops and climb on in. I have to admit I've done this too, but switches do fail and that table could come down on you real fast. Just wondering how many of you do actually unplug the machine before climbing on the pindeck.
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    Re: Safety

    I too do not unplug the machine before entering. Although in california we do not have the Russel Stole Plug due to california law but I do turn the master CB off before entering. I have talked to other mechanics about the same issue and what i get back is "Well its dark in there and I wanted light!" Well how hard is it to get a combo twist socket and 3 prong plug and disconnect the deck light and plug it in. That way all power is off but ya have a deck light to see. Saftey is key, i think that it is mechanics that have worked the machines for years think that a quick get in and get out is ok. Also other than that rookies on machines hurry themselves to clear a tablejam not remembering that the cups are spring loaded and wack! 1 lost forearm due to not thinking before doing. Some advice...TAKE YOUR TIME and dont rush. This way we will have alot less dead mechanics due to unnessasary accidents.


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      Re: Safety

      Sometimes, I myself sometimes preach safety more than I practice it. Although you can seriously injure yourself on an AMF machine, I feel they are generally safer than the Brunswick’s.

      When I used to do miscellaneous subcontracting installations, I always regretted the Brunswick houses. Since my expertise is in the pits, I usually got stuck working the machine interface areas. We used to call those things 220-volt cookie cutters.

      The 82/30 is a lot more dangerous than the 82/70’s. But, I grew up with 30’s so I feel secure on both models equally. I try not to get to comfortable; I have seen some pretty gruesome stuff.

      However, no matter what machine, no mechanic can insure his safety from the bowler, without killing the power and dropping the sweep!



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        Re: Safety

        my nastiest memory from this business...

        back in the late 80's there was a very large chain of centers (no longer operating)...

        a pinchaser (older gentleman who liked to help out on the weekends) decided to clear a table jam by turning off the pit motor but did not turn off the sweep & table switches, or the main breaker, or disconnect the drop plug. When he pulled on the pin to remove it from the cups and yolk he lifted the table enough to turn the drive shaft which then hit the high point on the table cam switch....

        he was crushed between the table and bins and frame.


        any piece of bowling equipment can be leathal if you don't stop and think.....


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          Re: Safety

          If I’m just jumping into a machine to clear a trouble call, I rely on the switches. If I’m doing maintenance, I will usually unplug the motors but leave the power on for the light.


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            Re: Safety

            when i service a machine i will drop the sweep and shut off p-s-t switches only if i am working alone. if i am working with somebody i will also pull the motor plugs.
            i have already learned my lesson on putting trust in co-workers. i all ways train new guys to pull motor plugs when they work on machines so what happened to me does'nt happen to them.

            think saftey first !!!!!!
            jim k.


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              Re: Safety

              On an 8230, if you pull the plugs on the 3 motors, you can leave all the switches on and the pindeck light can stay on. I always pull the table motor if I'm going under the table, even if the machine is never know when that crazy woman at the desk is going to rent out the lane (and it's always the lane you're working on)


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                Re: Safety

                Come on now strike300 do ya REALLY think we have crazy women working the desk? How about OLD senile women like I have! And Dutch I agree with you. I'll also pull all the motor plugs so I can still have the deck lite while I'm working in the machine. I also drop the sweep. Senile desk people ALWAYS seem to give out the lane you're working on(or the one next to it). Then they ask WHY?


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                  Re: Safety

                  To all 70 mechanics,
                  I installed some of the bowltronics ss chassis contactors on a couple of lanes. when I was running a machine one day for some reason the sweep or the table still ran when the switch was off in the rear control box ! I cannot remember the exact circumstance when it happened but I always unplug the motors now when repairing or adjusting a machine. Maybe someone else has had this happen with the bowltronics ss contactor.



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                    Re: Safety

                    At my old centre (Garden City Lanes), I always used to drop the sweep and flick the Master CB... this used to keep the pit light on so I could see what I was doing. Where I am working now at Sunset Superbowl, they have the Master CBs wired up to the chassis for some reason, so when you flick the Master CB it cuts out the chassis which is good in some ways, but it's a pain in the ass because u have to jump up after u have turned the CB back on and push the reset button on the chassis, so most of the time i just turn the 3 pit, sweep and table switches off ....... but i still always lower the sweep every time....

                    Speaking of table jams... one of the mechanics i trained up just before I left Garden City has been renowned for getting his fingers bruised clearing table jams... no matter how many times you tell him to "hold the cups with one hand and clear the jam with the other", he'd never do it and just reef the pin out and of course the cups would slam back on his finger...... duh!!

                    Anyways, have fun!!


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