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Genuine AMF Parts flaws


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  • Genuine AMF Parts flaws

    Is anyone else out there having problems with Genuine AMF parts being flawed?
    Lately,I have been getting such crap that look like they have not gone through any quality control. Some even look used!

    Latest is the 9 pin actuator levers for the bin. Hole (for spring) was drilled in the wrong place. There are others, but I will bite my tongue on the rest...these levers is what broke the camels back!
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    Re: Genuine AMF Parts flaws

    Yea, those levers can be a pain in the rear to change... I haven't had any problems yet with genuine AMF parts.

    I have noticed that my “Genuine” bearings are from China, which I'm not to pleased about, one reason I dropped Vantage.

    I've been wondering (since AMF has to be redistributed vs. direct) if my distributor isn't pulling a fast one sometimes!

    Something to think about!



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      Re: Genuine AMF Parts flaws


      I can honestly say I do not think it is the distributor. Working at an AMF owned center, we order all our pinsetter parts from AMF (unless we can't get 'em due to backorders, etc.). I, too, have noticed that there are bearings from China, like Vantage. I do order alot of Vantage parts, and have great luck with them. I'm not knocking where the parts come from, but the quality sometimes lacks.
      I just recently ordered a bunch of B-188 pinwheel belts from Stahl's. Nice belts.

      It's just really scary if quality control is not up to par when ordering from the OEM...who knows if the gears are in tolerance and the proper amount of shims are in that next motor/gearbox one orders. You can't see it until it's too late.

      "Where are we going, and why are we in a hand basket?"



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        Re: Genuine AMF Parts flaws

        We've never had problems with AMF parts, but we have received stuff from quality and vantage that was outside OEM specs. For example, we once got a cushion support tube weldment from quality that was wider than the kickbacks and we couldn't get it into the machine.

        If the company will let you, you might want to try to order bearings from grainger's. Another idea is to order your electronics and motor parts from your local industrial electronics supply store. If you can get as much as you can locally, you can save a lot of money and its easier than dealing with someone halfway accross the country.


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          Re: Genuine AMF Parts flaws

          i too got a cushion weld in which the holes wouldnt line up....just bent it until it did....but the quality control guy for that company is slackin'.....but then again maybe the difference is to only be usable with that companies uses


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            Re: Genuine AMF Parts flaws

            I was reading this thread...and being a Brunswick guy...I don't buy much from AMF. The problem you are describing exists at Brunswick also. Parts get changed for no apparent reason, parts to large to fit into the hole they were meant to go into, ect. I called Brunswick and talked with them about the problems and the problems were solved within a few weeks. Has anybody here talked with AMF? I'm quite sure they would want to know if something is wrong. If a part is not right, they would want to make it right to keep sales up. I would wager that if you got no satisfaction with the first go round at trying to solve the problem...a properly placed e-mail to the company's CEO would get some kind of reaction. The CEO was in charge of maintanence in the military and understands our frustration when things aren't right. Give it a try...I don't think you will be disappointed.

            Just my two cents worth...

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              Re: Genuine AMF Parts flaws

              Could not resist this one myself. As with most big corporations the plan in this day is to outsource and get rid of as much help as possible. If its like any other big company there probably is not enough people to do the job right. I too have noticed a decrease in the quality of many of the products I receive. I am finding many parts are not made to specs, at times it is rather disapointing. I think now many companies rely on customer complaints to find thier problems, well there is one problem with that.. Many customers dont take the time to complain, they just go elsewhere for the parts. Do the big companies that have the parts made actually have a person or persons in charge of making sure parts that are made via outsourced manufacturers are being made to spec. I spent an hour the other day filing on a Gearbox clutch lever for an A2 I had just gotten brand new, holes for the pivot pins were mis-aligned by about 3/32, went back to the parts board and found the other two brand new ones I had were the same way.
              A field problem report is on its way.
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                Re: Genuine AMF Parts flaws

                Welp, just wanted to add another story to this thread. Ordered a Odd P-E Belt Tensioner , got the shipment next day cuz we were out and guess what, they sent me an Even yet the packing slip said 1 odd P-E BT. So we sent it back and we got a new shipment of parts in. Guess what? We got 2 more evens again. WOW was my A pist. Yelled at the guy sayin "you built the darn thing and you cant even send out the right parts. thats why i wont order from you anymore" (you = AMF) Heh just thought id share that with you...Guess were ordering from Vantage now



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                  Re: Genuine AMF Parts flaws

                  Got a table shaft for a 70 last year from vantage...was too big to go through the support bearings..wasnt even close


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                    Re: Genuine AMF Parts flaws

                    From 1986 until the AMF takeover in 1998, we used vantage exclusively. There 10 min. away and we were a test center for products. Enough said.
                    Between AMF and Vantage, AMF "IS" QUALITY!!!


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