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Combating Humidity


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  • Combating Humidity

    I would like to know what everyone else does in the back to fight the humidity that causes so many little problems with the 82-70's.
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    Re: Combating Humidity

    We’re in a very dry climate, only 7” of precipitation per year. When the weather changes enough for us to feel the humidity, we know that all hell is about to break loose.
    Since most of the mechanical problems that high humidity causes usually have something to do with either dirty or dry grease, we mostly just keep things clean & lubed. In a pinch, WD-40 will loosen up a sticking problem caused by humidity.
    As for electrical problems, several years ago, we started using the gold plated pins & sockets in the C-1 plugs. Since then, we’ve had VERY little trouble with electrical problems. We were able to justify the higher price of the gold plated terminals by explaining to the boss that if it saves only 1 hour of labor, it would more than cover the difference in price. I personally think they pay for themselves many times over… Kinda like shoe rental.

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      Re: Combating Humidity

      I waited for someone else to break the ice (dont let deadwood read this!!) my methods are easy-slidin the underside of distributor belts....10-W30 Dist pinions.....let dust build on the cups to insure easy sliding...higher viscosity in the oil tank.

      i know dead will have a comment for my let the dust build up......ignore it and clean your machines, clean them once again inspite of me


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        Re: Combating Humidity

        Well i guess you read my mind coors. I guess you dont have a regional who inspects your pinsetters. To me that is LACK OF PRIDE if you let your machines get dirty like that. HAH, simple way of combating humidity? Simple go out and buy your self 1 De-humidifier per 10 lanes. stick em behind tha pinsetters on the 5th lane of the 10 and run them, emptying them every hour and shabam! No more humidity.



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          Re: Combating Humidity

          Hey Coors...

          For pins sticking in cups, clean the well, especially the liners.

          Next, order a case of "Slick" silicone spray and apply sparingly to cups. A fine mist will do. Then wipe down. We use the Slick silicone from National. Works great on dist carriage tubes too.

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            Re: Combating Humidity

            KAT: Won't silicone spray attract dust? I mean it is sort of a magnet for dust/dirt isn't it? I mean if you clean your machines every week then I see no problem, but they are talking about leaving the dust pile up! No Pride man, none at all from what Im hearing. I have no problem with the easy slide but it does not bond like silicon spray. Another thing Ive done is taken like some good good anti-grafiti stuff and whiped down the cup liners. Sometimes they get like grease or dirty dried up oil on them.

            Just another 2 cents



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