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82-30 spotting pos./pin cups


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  • 82-30 spotting pos./pin cups

    i been trying to get our 82-30s to put the pins on the spots. i got problems with most machines the pin are sitting too far forward
    but the table is back futher than it should be and the respots are tilted forward. i think it might have something to do with the pin cups letting the pin drop in too far. does anybody know how wide the bottom of the cups and how far the bottom of the pin should be sticking out?? any help would be great.

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    Re: 82-30 spotting pos./pin cups

    As i recall, i gave you the basics on your last post. I will try to be more specific. Pin cups will not "wear out" to the point of giving you the problems mentioned. You have to first level the cells via the 030-001-153 table rod. If that still is too far off-spot, then lower table to 180 degrees (lowest point) and set the 4-6 shaft 17 1/2 inches from the pin deck to the bottom of the shaft via the 030-007-571 con-rods. If this adjustment was done, do the first step again. Then, check the #1 shaft and the 7-10 shaft for the same height with table at lowest point. Use the 030-001-105 upper rods to accomplish this adjustment. Once all the shaft heights are equal, your pitch is now set.Lastly, check for any wear/play in the 030-008-164 bearing in the table idler gear. If all the above conditions are met, you should be able to spot the cups individually to achieve proper spotting. Once again, this will work, but if the tables were "pulled back" as you said, then you have a whole new set of problems awaiting you. If you have the service manual, refer to pages 5.049 thru 5.054. Good Luck.
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      Re: 82-30 spotting pos./pin cups

      hey aunt mary,
      how are you setting your table in relation to the spots front/back. i set the centre of the 7-10 tube above the centre of the 7-10 line.



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        Re: 82-30 spotting pos./pin cups

        Hey aunt Mary, becarefull moving the table fow. or back. It's fine to do that but be prepaired for a whole list of other prob. Like most 30 centers theres been 200 diff. mech. in the last 30 years and they all have there own way of doing things Its called (feild engineering) Just make shure you have a few hours of down time when you rip into it. Good luck Ed

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