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Clevis pin replaces roll pin.


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  • Clevis pin replaces roll pin.

    Just an idea I had while watching a machine. I'm watching the clutch turn for the distributor, I thought why not get rid of that roll pin on the shafts end, and replace it with a clevis pin?

    This would be beneficial on an even lane. A medium size clevis pin fits nice in that little hole. I'll try and get the exact size in a few days if I can. If the clutch comes disengaged, yes you still have it blocked the same way, but if you want to clean the clutch, this makes it very easy to start the job, no more punch, no more hammer, no more hitting your finger.

    Just thought this would save someone some time. Works for me. Just an idea. Let me know how you guys feel.


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    Re: Clevis pin replaces roll pin.


    This topic has been covered already. Back date your browser settings 100 days and see the thread "Distributor Skipping the 5"

    I've yet to get any responses.

    "Where are we going, and why are we in a hand basket?"



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      Re: Clevis pin replaces roll pin.

      Sorry Kat, Good minds must think alike. Although when I was thinking about this, I wondered why it was not brought up sooner. Great idea, I guess it was.


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        Re: Clevis pin replaces roll pin.

        it is a great idea, I've had all my dist. that way for almost 3 years now.



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