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pins in air on 82/70


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  • pins in air on 82/70

    I'm having a problem with a 82/70. The table
    stops with pins in the fingers. The table
    picks up the pins goes down but brings them
    back up in the air I think. Sweep at zero table at zero. Any help would be appreciated. I've
    changed the off spot cable,the chassis,the
    off spot micro switch and checked the
    adjustments on the respot cells.


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    Re: pins in air on 82/70

    Usualy, but not always, it's a broken respot cell finger insert. That plastic tip on the end of each finger. When one breaks off on the back row the exposed rollpin will catch on the cell frame and force the bowling pin rearword as its picked up. Then when the table respots the pins, that pin comes down and hits no deck. The wieght of that pin hanging off the deck is enough to stop the cells from opening up. The cells are designed to lock shut by the wieght of a pin. This is the first thing to check.


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      Re: pins in air on 82/70

      Hey Nick, first check and see if your shifter link is moving back and forth. It is operated by the shifter pawl which is moved forward a back by the respot rod. If your jam nuts loosened up on your respot rod the pawl may not be able to shift properly. Also could be a respot cell bind possibly binding on the center post of the frame. Check to see that you have not lost one of your respot lever springs (most are green some are black). I'm sure coors.dutch or kat will jump in with more. Good Luck.


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        Re: pins in air on 82/70

        nick300: I cant quite understand what your trying to say. Your table goes and feels for pins, table re-spots pins but the sissors wont disengage and therefor you are left with hanging bannanas after the table and sweet went back to home? If that is corrent then your re-spot rod is out of adj. Your little flap deal (forgot the name) is staying in the batman cam to long therefore not releasing the pins on re-spot. Goodluck



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          Re: pins in air on 82/70

          the easiest thing to do to stop it is to lengthen the carblink which is located between the 2&4 pins which connect the fingers to the cam shifter.

          or/and close the fingers...and the funny lookin finger thing in front of the 2&4 pins which has the 7/16 inch bolt in the end of it...with the fingers closed adjust the bolt so that it bottoms out. after the bolt bottoms out turn it an additional two turns or so to prevent the fingers from putting a death grip on the pins.

          the reason for the pins in the air is that one finger...or several "over close" (due to binding) on the pin. and the respot rod cannot exzert enough force to reopen them. doing the above will by you sometime until you can figure out which finger is the culprit...also bent wire ways from pins in the table could be causing binding.

          by not allowing the fingers to "over lock" on the pins its easier for the respot rod to reopen them


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            Re: pins in air on 82/70

            I've run into this problem on several occasions and have a few ideas for you to chase.

            The respot adjustments are the first place, and I see that you've tried that. Check that your table setting is ok. I don't like to jump into a procedure in the middle but grab your tech manual and look at step 10 of the table adjustments procedure on (in my copy) page 5.33. If that is not giving you any headaches, check the respot cell adjustment section, specifically the shifter cam link clearance to the cam follower. (page 5.24, steps 5 through 10).

            My personal recommendation is to do the entire table setting procedure and the entire respot cell procedure, but I can understand the wish for a problem to just go away. Good Luck!



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