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  • 82-90 XL

    this is probably a dumb question. but i am not an amf person i dont know anything about them really. but has anyone ever worked on the 82-90XL? what is different from them to the 82-70's? i was just wondering....


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    Re: 82-90 XL

    Not to ask a rude question, but do you mean the 8270XL or the 8290? I have not yet seen an 8290XL.

    I witnessed the rebuilding and transformation of several 8270's into 8270XL's just last week. It is a complete teardown and rebuild of used 8270's done in an old warehouse on Jeff Davis Hwy in Richmond. They are fitted with the 8290 motors/gearboxes, chassis and wiring.

    We go there to snag pieces and parts from the incoming machines that won't get reused. This place is a junkman's paradise.



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      Re: 82-90 XL

      it may be the 8290. i saw it at awfully small than the pics of the 8270's ive seen. just wonderin if neone has seen them run...


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        Re: 82-90 XL

        Only thing different is that they replaced metal objects with plastic urethane and they changed the table from rigged to flat. other than that i think they got rid of some dead weight on them. If i missed anything someone will ketch it im sure.



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          Re: 82-90 XL

          I've never worked on a 82-90XL, but I have seen one in action from the back. The machine's mechanical design is identical to the 82-70, but the electrical system is completely different. A pair of machines is controlled by a single chassis mounted behind the PBL where the back end control boxes would be on an 82-70. The main power plug for each machine plugs into the chassis, not the front end frame. The combination gearboxes are smaller and lighter, and the motor on the back end gearbox is not facing the distributor so pins can't get jammed against the motor like they can on 82-70s. Another cool change that makes the mechanic's life easier is that one side of the pinwheel can swing off the machine like a door, making it easier to work on the front or rear rollers and bounce plate. The start switch is replaced by an IR ball detector and it uses the scoring system camera to get pincounts, so there aren't any wires hooked up to the respot cells. I think that's all of the major differences, anyone who's worked on 82-70s will probably have no trouble at all working on 82-90s.


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            Re: 82-90 XL

            i had a good look at the XL in our Warehouse just the other day! Another difference that they have NO PILLOW BLOCKS!!! they are replaced by rollerson both the table torque and sweep rocker arm. Another change they have is that they dont have half the crap in the front end especially around the Spot latch area.The sweep and table capacitors are now located in the chassis not up the front in the wireway and the xl still has the 70's table in stead of the metal one on the 90. After giving it the total lookover i found it to be a odd looking machine without the Russel & Stoll plug and the chassis up the front getting in the way of everything.
            If i can i will take some pics of them and put them on here!


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              Re: 82-90 XL

              I went out to the school for them Plastic pretty much sums it up!!

              Please buy MADE IN USA!


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