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  • super clutch

    Looking for some feedback on the super clutch from Vantage. Likes and dislikes, etc. Just installed one. Thanks!

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    Re: super clutch

    Supposedly the new super clutch is better then old ones ! The best thing you can do is to take the original clutch plate - the one with the plastic and the stop on the back, gently secure it in a vise with a shop rag as not to mar the surface, drill out the rivets holding the plastic on the back, and you have a super clutch for just a little time. The plastic on the clutch plate just causes poor indexing and collects dirt.
    Stahl's clutch uses roller bearings in the pinion race and is the best by far.


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      Re: super clutch


      Take it off, save the pinion and throw the rest of it in the trash. Go back to the original worm clutch.

      They sacrificed functionality for simplicity when they designed them. The simple clutch is not a clutch, engaging and disingaging power to the pinion like the origianal style with its worm gear set-up. The simple clutch
      produces constent tourqe on the drive components and stop blade leading to pre-mature failure.

      It's a slap in the face for 8270 mechanics world wide thinking we don't understand what they're doing. " Mechanics are having trouble assembling clutches, lets make one a manager could install".

      I don't like them, never will.



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        Re: super clutch


        You have a problem expressing yourself, haha
        I just tried to be politicially correct about it.
        The AMF clutch is very seldom the problem.
        1. Stop blade and trip arm.
        2. Pins laying across bins during indexing.
        3. Poor lubrication.
        4. Dist belt too thick.

        P.S. My favorite trick is to take a 3/8 washer take off a trip arm , and space out the trip arm so the pins clear trip arms better as the head falls goes through at the 4, 6, 7, and 10 pin positions.


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          Re: super clutch

          We haven’t tried the new &amp; improved model of the Vantage super clutch. Tried the old one years ago &amp; had lots of problems with them so we decided to go a different direction… Lubeless pinion bushings from Stahl’s… Haven’t had a problem since. There’s also <a href="" target="_blank"><a href="" target="_blank"><a href="" target="_blank"><a href="" target="_blank"><a href="" target="_blank"><a href="" target="_blank"><a href="" target="_blank"><a href="" target="_blank"><a href="" target="_blank"><a href="" target="_blank"></a></a></a></a></a></a></a></a></a></a> . They are the makers of the Stahl’s lubeless bushings. They have just about every bushing on the machine… ALL LUBELESS. Everything they sell is green. They even have a lubeless stop blade. We got 2 in the other day but haven’t installed them yet. If you’ve ever used the synthetic front roller support bushings you can guess how great the rest of the stuff is.


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            Re: super clutch

            Just want to know something there 82/70 does your dizzy belt being to think effect your clutch? Also pins laying across the bin is not a clutch problem its a dizzy adj at the safty link just for F.Y.I. (thought id throw that in there...)


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              Re: super clutch


              Just trying to help someone get their distributors to run better. The forum is for us to share ideas to make all our jobs easier. If someone installs a super clutch it could be because he is getting jams. I was just trying to tell him of other areas that might need attention.



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                Re: super clutch

                Hey 82/70 king I don't remember saying I had a PROBLEM with my distributors. I am interested in getting feedback fron other mechs on the clutch. I know the previous mech at my center didn't like them. I've had one installed for a week now, and haven't had any problems on this lane where I had previous problems with the AMF clutch.


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                  Re: super clutch

                  Order extra locknuts if you plan to try them. The extra heet produced in combination with fine tuning of the clutch tends to harden the nylon in the nut. After you break in the clutch (1-3 weeks) throw a new nut on.



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                    Re: super clutch

                    I've had an original super clutch on for over 5 years. I had to adjust it 3x in the first month and haven't touched it since.



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                      Re: super clutch

                      Super clutches what can I say?We have 24 lanes of them. The washers eat into the shaft causing them to lock on.The lock nut loses their holding ability causing the nut to do up tighter.It looks like we are going back to the original clutches.
                      original is best. ;-)


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                        Re: super clutch

                        Just my $.02

                        Ive also had a few super cluthes on....vantage and AMF. Havent touched them Since '95ish. As soon as i run out of old stuff, ill convert over.


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                          Re: super clutch

                          To all that replied:
                          Thanks for all your feedback. I don't like the Vantage clutch. I put the old AMF clutch back. The vantage would work alright for a few days, then start having trouble again. 82/70 King, I did what you suggested with the plastic(removing it) on the back of the clutch plate. Stated doing them to the rest of my distributors. You're right nothing but grease and dirt collectors.


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                            Re: super clutch

                            I know this doesn't have anything to do with the super clutch but, I had some really dirty, greasy clutches when I bought this center and I was forever having pin pileup problems and I just held a rag under the clutch and sprayed the clutch while it was running with electronic cleaner and man it got all the grease and crud out of the clutch. I do it now every week or so and I haven't had a clutch problem in quite a while. I have used carb cleaner too


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