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Cleaning on an AMF


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  • Cleaning on an AMF

    Just curious on what kind of cleaning do you do on AMF's? Daily, weekly, monthy, yearly, etc...! I have my own daily cleaning on Brunswick pinsetters. Works pretty well too!

    Brandon Adams
    Imperial and Twin Oaks Lanes
    Toledo, Ohio

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    Re: Cleaning on an AMF


    The amount and frequency of cleaning really varies from centre to centre, but where I am working at the moment, we go through the weekly maintenance check (in the AMF manual but modified slightly) then work out what needs to be cleaned etc from there, usually stuff like cleaning bins, shuttles, pin decks, flat gutters, pin wheels, distributors etc etc etc

    We go over out tables, sweeps and subframes usually on average once a month with a dry cloth, then blow out the crap off them with an air compressor - just general cleaning like that. We also do monthly, 3 monthly and yearly lubes (also going by chapter 6 in the AMF manual).

    That's just what we do in a nutshell, it will be interesting to see what everyone else does!!

    Have fun!!


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      Re: Cleaning on an AMF

      Like BRC centers my A has come up with our own in-house 51-20. We have Green Pass and Red Fail cards along with Pinsetter Maintence cards. We get inspected about every 2 weeks.

      Here is what our cleaning duties are:

      1. We clean one pair of pinsetters every night
      Cleaning pinsetters consists of front end cleaning, table vac outs and whiping down with scotch brites to clean the oxidation off. (ya know when your tables turn yellow) We clean bins, cups, shuttle assy, Dizzy assy, pin wheel and in between pinsetters.

      2. Wet Clean PBL's every night before league.
      3. Clean chassis/Curtin Wall Chassis every 2 weeks.
      4. I clean under pinsetters every 3 weeks
      5. Personally I like to do a wireway blow out every month but lately I have ran out of co2

      Lube Jobs:
      We lube everything per schedual except B-E and combo. We usually do it every 3-5 years.

      We check for broken parts every time we get into a machine even if were working on another part of the machine. We are pretty clean 3rd in the Western Region. I look forward to seein what other centers do.



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        Re: Cleaning on an AMF

        Sounds like you have a plan, from what you said I would guess that your frames per stop are pretty high.
        I would also guess that your bowlers stay clean and are quite satisfied with the operation of your center.
        Nice hearing from someone who has a plan and follows it.


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          Re: Cleaning on an AMF

          I would LOVE to have a nice program to follow like Deadwoods. Unfortunately we go thru pinchasers like a baby goes thru diapers so its virtually impossible to keep any kind of cleaning schedule going like that. Basically I go thru and blow out all the dust and debris on a monthly basis. Then I'll have my night guys do the plows, elevators, o-pans, lift belts, carpets, d-belts, and bins/shuttles on a nightly basis (4 machines per shift) so that the entire place has been gone thru in a week. I wish I could pay guys more so I would'nt have the turnaround I do and the lazy bums I have. Its like pulling teeth just to get them to do what they do, and I don't push them. I can only work so many hours a week. Anybody else in this kind of situation??? It sucks


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            Re: Cleaning on an AMF

            Checklists & females… Checklists so that when you have turnover, the new person does the same things as the person they’re replacing. And, females because they are more meticulous than most males.
            Now, to defend my (seemingly) sexist statement… It’s a scientific fact that females are genetically “programmed” to be better than males at certain things, such as, keeping things organized. Cleaning is a very important part of organization. So is putting your tools away, where they belong & clean (Sorry, a pet peeve of mine), when you’re done with them. No matter how hard you try to hammer these things into the head of a male, it usually won’t make it thru the skull.


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              Re: Cleaning on an AMF

              What? No comments?
              I figured that last post of mine would stir up all sorts of stuff.


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