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  • AMF pin question

    Here's the problem. Tons of OR's with 3 month old AMF pins. My decks are very clean (stripped every day with no residue) still bunches of OR's I've tried everything I can think of Bleach n water, DBA deck treatment, even put base coat on the deck. These things all work somewhat. I just know it can get better than this.
    In an old post a guy said the wood shrinks and the pin slides on the nylon ring alone. I have checked most of my 60 lanes and the wood has shrunk away from the bottom of the pin at least a 1/32 to 1/8. Could this be my problem? Any opinions before I sand 1200 pins.

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    Re: AMF pin question

    I take 60-80 grit sandpaper and rough up about a 6 inch circle around each pin spot. this helped me out alot. It took me less than 10 minutes per machine doing it by hand.


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      Re: AMF pin question

      We used to take the bottom of the pins and grind them and make the rings more round instad of flat like Brunswick max's. It helped a little but sometimes you just have to face it. AMF pins slide and dont tip like Max's.



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        Re: AMF pin question

        If you have soft base coat on your decks and keep spraying decks with DBA deck treatment or bleach and water your oors should be down to minumim. Every 2 to 3 days and let the stuff keep building up on the deck. Good luck.


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          Re: AMF pin question

          I'm using Kegel's NPS (similar to the DBA stuff, but not identical) Works better than the DBA stuff, OOR's are tolerable now, but not where I'd like to see them (non-existant). Second season on these amflites, boy do they like to slide.



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            Re: AMF pin question

            You could try putting a coat of clear urethane on the bottom of the pins. It might stop or at least slow down the shrinkage of the wood. It might even help the pins stick to the decks. You’ll have to sand the bottoms flush first.


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              Re: AMF pin question

              Correct me if I am wrong, but the only thing you can do to a bottom of a pin as far as refinishing is to make if flat. I am not accusing deadwood of any illegal activity but I believe it is illegal to work on the radius of a pin base ring.
              No wonder he does not have to tilt his pindecks, he just rounds the bottom of of his pins so they fall over easier. haha


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                Re: AMF pin question

                fix it,

                I would get on the phone with AMF. 1/8 inch would shrinkage in 3 mounths doesn't sound right even in a dry climate like Denver. You could end up loosing alot of rings.

                I wouldn't recomend sanding pin bases on AMF machines. You dont need to, and you risk post protrusion if you get a long stretch of humid weather.

                I sand on and around my pinspots with 80 grit screen.


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                  Re: AMF pin question

                  Man that's a bunch of suggestions. I'd bet I've tried most of them in other centers (except the painting of the bottoms with urethane. Thats a new one.) I've already found that an AMF center whining about an AMF product don't work. I think I'll go ahead and make them flat again. I do wonder what texture to leave the bottoms at though.

                  Thanks guys


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                    Re: AMF pin question

                    82-70 king, you beat me to it! As far as pindeck treatments go the N.P.S (no pin slide) from Kegel works well! IM presently checking out the new Legends pindeck treatment and will post with an opinion offcourse!

                    Please buy MADE IN USA!


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                      Re: AMF pin question

                      you mentioned you put base coat on your pin decks.
                      i found the best kind to use is PA uniflex basecoat. just put in on with a nappy paint roller and you get a great result. the only thing is your pindecks will turn dirty looking

                      jeff kuhnle
                      twin oaks lanes
                      toledo ohio
                      WE ARE NOW REALLY TWIN OAKS LANES.


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                        Re: AMF pin question

                        JEFF, I have also used the PA uniflex basecoat on my pindecks,works great! Must be a territoral thing. paul f. schwaiger River City Bowl-A-Way napoleon,oh
                        If at first you don't succeed, try, try, again. Then quit. There's no use being a damn fool about it." -W.C.Fields


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                          Re: AMF pin question

                          hi fixit,
                          i assume that you have synthetic pindecks.
                          i am currently running a set of amflite II's
                          that have been in since january 2000. the centre has wooden decks coated with dba clear urethane deck coating. our average pinstand count during league season would be around 10-15 per week, day league is slightly more than night.
                          the problem you guys have with the wood shrinking would probably be humidity related. here in queensland, australia we would average 60% humidity year round. the wood in our pins is still level with the base. this set is the first we have tried on a continuous use basis. the centre runs around 30-32lines, if the lines were nearer 40 i don't think we could get by using just one set. the pins get washed each 4-6 weeks.




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                            Re: AMF pin question

                            In our center, we romoved all the base coat and sealent on our pin decks. We found that it was collecting dirty residue when washing the decks. basicly building up to a sludgey flim over the pin spots and causing pin slides galore!. We average 10 - 15 pin stands also per week, and only 5 - 7 out of ranges per week. I agree with Len when he suggests the pin shrinkage is due to humidity. I too am from australia and we been using our amflite II since dec 99.


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                              Re: AMF pin question

                              we used to take the pins out and get the bottoms wet enough for the wood to extend beyond the rings it worked great and scoring was better,no trimming or sanding. A coat of u-300 lane finish will help also it dries quickly and provides a softer finish.


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