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no cycle from cushion microswitch


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  • no cycle from cushion microswitch

    I have this same problem in 2 bowling centers now and I have been able to rig it temporarily to make the machines work at least, but I wanna know what the problem is and I thought I'd post it to see if any of you guys have any ideas. The machine (82-70 Omega tek chassis) will not cycle when the cushion MS is actuated. However, it WILL cycle when the 10th frame switch is pressed and when the cycle switch in the rear control box is pressed. Chassis has been changed (TWICE). I changed the cushion MS as well. Even when I splice both cushion ms wires together it doesn't cycle! How did I fix it temporarily? I ran a wire from the NC circuit to machine ground. Now machine cycles from the MS. Hope thats a clue. Thanks for any input you may have!

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    Re: no cycle from cushion microswitch

    Kinda In a hurry so ill answer breif. Did you check your wires leading from the start switch to your B-E Control Box? Make sure there are no broken wires. Do a continuity test take + and + test then - and - and test.
    You might have a break in the wires and when you re-mount then it might make connection with the broken lead. Sorry to be so fast I will look at this and brainstorm it more at a later time.



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      Re: no cycle from cushion microswitch

      OK, there’s a first time for everything… I AGREE WITH DEADWOOD.
      If it will cycle from everywhere else & you’ve already changed the micro switch, then it has to be in the wiring.


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        Re: no cycle from cushion microswitch

        I also agree with deadwood and dutch. After many years the wiring gets very brittle and a small break in the jacket of the harness can cause problems. I usually change the complete wiring harness back to the B/E control box.



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          Re: no cycle from cushion microswitch

          Also your Circuit breaker on the BE contol box can cause intermittent non cycling. But it sounds like you have a wire that's broken in the insulation some where between the start switch and the BE control Box.
          Good Luck!!


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            Re: no cycle from cushion microswitch

            If you want to check farther I believe the wires destination is #14 on the term strip right under the russell stoll. The other wire winds up at c2 plug looking at the sockets 4th from left, bottom row! Check to see your pins are ok in c2 plug. These coordinates are after the sweep run switch loop.



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              Re: no cycle from cushion microswitch

              I installed infra red triggering, works great, and eliminates the micro switch.
              Ron M


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                Re: no cycle from cushion microswitch

                One thing that was not mentioned which could be the problem is the Sweep Run Momentary Switch. The NC leg of the SS circuit runs through this switch. If the terminal on the switch has broken off due to corrosion/brittleness it will cause no cycle.

                If this and other things you've tried do not help, I suggest probing both ends of the Cushion Switch Cable for continuity on both conductors. I've seen many a time where the conductors break off inside the jacket and the only way to tell is through a continuity tester.
                You also mentioned that when you ground the SS circuit, it works. Don't forget that the AMF Machine works on a series of grounds for all the LV circuits. Ensure good bonding for these grounds.

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                  Re: no cycle from cushion microswitch

                  Thanks for your help!


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