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82-30 blackout


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  • 82-30 blackout

    Okay, next in the line of annoying/stupid questions from the guy who isn't even a bowling tech, comes this:

    Couple of hours ago, I was doing my Sunday morning constitional (waiting for a lane) when I noticed this stupid (insert word for a female dog here) get up and throw. Problem was, she either didn't know or didn't care that the sweep was still down, and blacked out the machine. The tech worked with it briefly, but apparently wasn't able to get it back online right away, and he either didn't have time or wasn't able to take care of the problem because it was *still* blacked out when I left.

    What I'm wondering is why it blacks out, and what happens to the thing when someone does this?

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    Re: 82-30 blackout

    Oh yes…. Sweep crashes on the 30's can be a pain, especially when the table comes down on it.

    What you witnessed Mok was probably a simple case of overload to the sweep motor, causing the reset button and or a breaker to pop, shutting off the machine.

    Straightening out the machine to get it up and running again can be a challenge, depending on if the sweep was knocked off the track. Normally, one needs to hit the sweep with some force to get it off the track, since it was a "she" I would say it most likely was not off the track. Putting a sweep back on the track is a matter of cranking the motor while positioning the carriage on the end of the track. I say it can be a challenge because it really is a two-man job, the crank of the motor is not within reach of the carriage being put up onto the rails.

    Other things get goofed up as well, like the machine timing.

    We need to be careful accusing people of this because sometimes on 30's the sweep will slowly coast after spotting pins, then take off running to the guard position. If they deliver the ball shortly after the sweep goes up after spotting, it is possible they are not at fault.

    I hope this clears it up a little.


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      Re: 82-30 blackout

      a slap in the sweep can do a lot of things to a 30. if she hits a slow ball in the centre of it- probably nothing. if she hit it on the edge she could buckle the sweep arm, shatter a roller (4 rollers each side running along sweep track), dislodge the spring for the sweep braking system, or simply throw the m/c out of cycle. could be a 5 sec job or a 15 min job - hard to say. but as bulldog says it may not even be her fault. 30s with a sweep overrunning problem or a late x cycle can cause it.

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        Re: 82-30 blackout

        I can remember years ago that if you ran your foot through the foul lite when the sweep was at guard (76 degrees) position and the table was picking up pins for respot the sweep would take off into the table. Any ground in the K&L circuit would cause pr 4 to pull in and watch out, here comes the sweep. A whacky machine but they did the job.


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          Re: 82-30 blackout

          Thanks for the refresher cowboy. I forgot about some of the things you had mentioned about sweep crashes. It's been a while.

          No pun intended their Mok, if the girl tossed the ball into the sweep she tossed it into the sweep. I've seen it many times. Mostly boys though. It seems to be age related, and when they are in groups. Also pushing of the cycle button while your buddy is bowling, never ceases to amaze me. If I caught anyone intentional crashing the sweep I would sometimes leave the machine off for 5 or 10 minutes then tell the jokesters, "it's busted, your done, see ya", I would definitely give them the boot if anyone respectable was waiting for a lane. I felt that I had to catch them red handed, I couldn't do it on assumption, especially after learning about coasting sweeps.

          I remember the foul lite, then the sweep and table, then, Oh No! Cranking sweeps and tables was one of my least favorite activities.

          Use caution when cranking motors, unplug that puppy. And keep reminding your new people.

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            Re: 82-30 blackout

            i forgot about the foul light one. a tricky one to pick up unless your watching for it. ive even seen it a few times where the person on the even lane swings their foot around & sets off the odd lane foul half way through the odd lanes cycle.
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