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    I am having trouble with the slow and light weight balls not hitting hard enough to start the cycle. I found worn out bushings in the shocks and replaced them. In my book it says something about shims, but I'm not sure where I can get them or exactly where to put them. Or is this not the problem?

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    Re: Light Balls

    This probably has absolutely no bearing on your problem or hardly any relevance to your question at all, but I wouldn't worry about stuffing around with your cushion start switch, I'd invest in some light ball sensors/triggers. They save a lot of stuffing around!!

    The Zot ball triggers are pretty decent, I am not sure where you can pick them up in the States from though.

    I actually had some trouble today with a family that were on a lane that we didn't have a light ball trigger on (it is getting serviced) and it took about 5 minutes to explain to them why it wasn't scoring - it wasn't scoring cos the machine wasn't cycling cos the little kids weren't bowling hard enough to actuate the start switch!!! Try telling that to a family in layman's terms!!!

    Anyways, just an idea!!

    Have fun!!


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      Re: Light Balls


      Kryley's right....don't waste time messing around with the microswitch shims---more trouble than it's worth.
      For a couple hundred bucks a pair gradually work across the house and get electronic triggering, but I recommend keeping the existing microswitches in place to back up the ET system. Each will act as a backup to each other.

      I've found with the shims: Unless you have VERY experienced pinchasers or "B"s the shims always get lost when a switch is changed.

      The idea of the shim was to reduce the amount of travel necessary by the switch actuator bracket to energize the SS circuit. It kinda keeps the button on the microswitch only half pushed in. I get kinda scared about that, you never know when the pinsetter may cycle on its own and WHAM!

      But, I could be wrong...

      "Where are we going, and why are we in a hand basket?"



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        Re: Light Balls


        They are right. Put in triggering. I use bowltronics and have no problem. I mounted it behind the sweep, right on the flat gutter line. There have been no bent reflectors or damage from pins, pinchasers, lane machines, etc. You have to adjust it to no delay. This eliminates the timing problem with small kids balls rolling slow and time delay. Also almost eliminates deadwood in front of the sweep.

        good luck


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          Re: Light Balls

          I also agree with triggering. We use the ones from Vantage & have them mounted like King described.
          However, in the mean time, the shims that the book talks about can be replaced with ¼” flat washers. Put them on the ¼” bolts between the SS bracket & the frame. Before you shim the bracket, make sure the cushion is moving freely. Paint on the ends of the hanger, where they go into the blocks will stiffen the swing of the cushion & so will a hanger that’s too long for the width of the kickbacks. If the cushion swings freely enough, you may not need to shim the switch.


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            Re: Light Balls

            Kat's right too, you can make it too sensitive if you put in too many shims... Be careful.


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              Re: Light Balls

              You can also bend the start switch spring bracket in a little to take tension off a make the lever move a little more freely.


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