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  • Sweep Motor

    I just replaced the sweep motor on one of my 70's. It was getting really hot and tripping the breaker. After I changed it. I hit the sweep button, the sweep went to guard, swept the deck, went back up to zero, then the table came down and sweep went to guard and thats where it stopped. I cranked it back up to zero and it did the exact same thing again. Whats happening? I am needing a little advice. Thanks guys

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    Re: Sweep Motor


    1. Check the gearbox & centrifugal switch. Gearbox bight be low on oil or switch might be bad.

    2. Check the motor start capacitors in the wireway.

    3. check for binding in sweep linkage.

    4. I am assuming your mechanical switches are in good shape as are your chassis pins & sockets.

    5. Sweep run or reverse switch in control box might be bad (not likely).

    6. If you have a cheater cord run this from the table plug to the sweep motor and see if it runs without overheating. This means it would be for sure in chassis, or start capacitors.

    good luck

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      Re: Sweep Motor

      king Hit on ever thing
      if you still have the problem you mite wont to check the plug for that motor



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        Re: Sweep Motor

        Hello Spankey, I hope you got the problem figured out by know. If not I have a few suggestions you might try.

        It sounds like this is on a machine with one of your new Creative chassis? If it is, and the sweep isn't stopping were it should, you might want to try testing that chassis on a different machine and see if the problem moves with the chassis. If it does move with the chassis I might suspect the sweep motor problem affected your chassis and it should be sent in for repair.
        Its common for MP chassis to act like you describe after main power is applied when the S and T are not at home, 0 degrees. The computer will run them to home and stop them. Always zero or reset the chassis after re-applying power so the computer can match up with the cam switches. Sometimes you have to crank the motors to zero, and with them still unplugged, zero/ reset the chassis.

        If memory serves, I believe if the SA cam follower screw is turned in to far sweep will over-run 270 and 0, then SB responds normally by stopping sweep at 66. I will look in the trouble shooting section of the manual tomorrow and see.

        That's all the help for now unless I here from you.


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          Re: Sweep Motor

          No, actually this is on one of my old chassis machines. The motor was making noise also and heating up. It would run a couple hours and then just slow to a stop and I would have to hit the reset but it wouldn't stay on too long cause it was hot. I put a new motor on it and checked for binds in the sweep. After I determined there where no binds in the sweep I gave it a test. It then ran thru from zero clear thru the entire sweep cycle and back to zero. But it didn't stop at zero when it got back there. It dropped in the guard position, the table came down and thats where it stopped. I cranked it back up into the zero position and tried it again and it did the exact same thing. I have been so miffed with the dang thing (I been messing with this pinsetter for weeks) I hadn't even looked at it since the day before Christmas.
          It seems funny to me that just changing the motor would do that. Oh by the way the problem I was having with my new chassis was a chassis problem. Got that one fixed.
          I sure need some pointers, I'm getting discouraged with this one.
          BUT I'M LEARNING !!! What makes a sweep bounce when it drops to the guard position? I have one that does that.


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            Re: Sweep Motor

            is it stopping like an off spot ?
            if so i would go in to the channel and disconnect them if not it sound like you have tried a different chassis so look in to cam switches if its coasting back down the gear box could be to loose pull the gear box and try a good one


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              Re: Sweep Motor

              I have 6 board chassis also, but I can't recall having this specific problem so I can't give you a specific remedy. The easiest thing to do is narrow it down to a chassis problem or pinsetter problem. Then go further. Is it a chassis board problem or pinsetter switch problem? You get the idea. Eliminate the possibilities.

              Sometimes you'll find it right off. Other times it takes hours to figure out. This might be a situation were you need to call in a local mechanic to fix the problem. Then you can see first hand how he trouble shoots it.
              Don't forget about the AMF service manual. It has a trouble shooting section in it.

              Sorry I can't help more but over the net it might take weeks and I'm not prepared to spend hours over the phone.

              Sometimes the sweep will bounce because the sweep link rubber bumpers are sticky. Just clean em up a little.


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                Re: Sweep Motor

                I had a similar problem when a former employee replaced a motor switch & got a couple of the wires mixed up. The motor was running backward. If that’s not it, try swapping the motor with a known good one from another machine.


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