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Idleing Pins


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  • Idleing Pins

    I was wondering if any of you old veteran bad-ass mechanics have any fixes for the following situation:
    Pins that choose to be delinquent and roll on the carpet belt with their heads against the plough. Sometimes they get a friend or two to join them with necks crossed. When I catch them in their truancy, I shove them real hard into the elevator to teach them a lesson, but sooner or later they're back to their old tricks.
    I know this isn't a real serious problem, but it annoys me when I see it over and over. What have you come up with to keep the pins from idleing against the ploughs?
    Chad Q.

    P.S. I thought about attaching something to the bounceboards but I'm afraid it would catch on the inside of the carpet and rip it up. Also, it would be nasty to try to install. Lemme know...

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    Re: Idleing Pins

    old carpet? Front roller hangers moving freely? replaced springs on front roller hangers? Bounce plate supports in good shape?

    Those should cover it...pit overhaul will likely correct it.

    bloody knuckle time ! enjoy...
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      Re: Idleing Pins

      Pindecked: I disagree. I have rebuilt many pits in my 1 year as a Mechanic and every pit that I have re-built I still get idling pins against the plows and the rear of the pindecks under the flat gutters. Maybe thats why Brunswick invented the shaker?!? Sorry just had to throw that at ya, no offence. If you look at the design of a carpet and the design of a pin and put them together, One moves round and round, the other rolls round and round when it gets hit, hmm what do we have? A lot of rolling. hehehe sorry again...

      Once again another Genuine AMF Design!

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        Re: Idleing Pins

        Thanx for the backup! I knew I couldn't be doing something that simple wrong!
        And for you: pins (and occasionally balls) idleing against the back of the flat gutters can be cured by welding a coil or two of the front roller springs together so that it is tighter and holds the front roller closer to the deck (dont try it with a new tuffy carpet though. "Ball and Sweep on 19") Those plastic wire ties will break because the tension on those springs is too much for them. Or, just drop your cigarette butts down the gap until they pile up deep enough to fill it and pins can't get in there.
        Still want to know about pins against the plough...
        Thanx, Chad Q.


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          Re: Idleing Pins

          As i stated before...There is no cure for the idling against the plows. It is just the nature of the two objects. Now there is a part out there that you screw onto the back of the flat gutter that prevents front rollers. Either AMF of Vantage makes it. Small little urathane plastic piece. But yea as for the plows no cure from my eyes.



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            Re: Idleing Pins

            Hey guy's, if you make plow cover's out of you old carpet's (not the soft rubber one's, big mess) it will help reduce sone of the idleing pin's. It just creates friction when the pin is against the plow.


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              Re: Idleing Pins

              I don't know Deadwood, some machines don't have pins that idle at the plow? Maybe the Idling is caused by worn r-roller bushings alowing the roller to set higher. Or the angle of a re-welded plow. Or a well worn rear edge on the bounce board.
              There must be a reason. I'm not to concerned about it though to investigate further.



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                Re: Idleing Pins

                Pins idling up against a plow is caused by the little dimples in the plows from impact over the years. If you ever notice the pins idle head first into the plow. There's a low dwell in the plow where the pin head fits nicely into.

                There's one third party company out there (I forgot who) that makes a re-designed plow to eliminate this.

                But I could be wrong...

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                  Re: Idleing Pins

                  Yeah! I remember an old supermechanic we used to have who did cut old carpets to shape and glue them to the ploughs. I'd forgotten all about that!
                  I also think that plough wear like Kat was saying probably has something to do with it. Bending or bumping ploughs into shape sounds reasonable.
                  So, there now seem to be two possible remedies for this insignificant but annoying problem! Thanks a lot fellas!
                  Chad Q.


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                    Re: Idleing Pins

                    Quote:]<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by AMF Magic Triangle:
                    Yeah! I remember an old supermechanic we used to have who did cut old carpets to shape and glue them to the ploughs.

                    I do that also.....I've convinced myself..(not hard to do ) cuts down on the well as coverin the cracked long plow which always cracks....the carpet cover prevents pins from bein scratched.

                    my tricks for idlin pins have always been tweaking the angle brackets up...and playin with the pit know the four jack screws.

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                      Re: Idleing Pins

                      This is just something that I have noticed on our old machines. We were having a lot of ball calls so in the effort of trying everything. I to raised the bounce plates up on all but two of you machines. After raising the bounce plates up we have not had a problem with pins idling on those lanes. Maybe this will work for you, maybe not.

                      All that I did was put some 5/16 washers under the vibration dampners. I would raise the ball door side more than the other side. For example I would put 4 washers on the ball door side of the bounce plate, and three on the opposite side.

                      It did partially solve the ball problem. I do not know if it will help or not. I can see how it will make the pin want to move and then maybe it will hit something and roll into the pinwheel because the bounce plate is now at an angle. We have a fairly low lineage house so we are not seeing excessive ware on our carpets. I do not know how it would effect the carpets at a higher lineage house.

                      We have since solved the ball problem, but that is another story. We still have kicker wheels and relay chassis and are having a great season.

                      Best of luck to you.



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                        Re: Idleing Pins

                        I was extatic one year when I installed a bunch of A-1 carpet belts (Stahl's Tuffy) across the house and noticed ELIMINATION of that problem. The reeason was that the belt was good and stiff and did not tend to sag as much between the bounce plate and the rear roller under the weight of the pin. However, as the belts aged and stretched, approximately 1 to 2 years, the idling slowly returned.
                        Remember: the softer the carpet, the easier it is for the pin to deflect the belt down.
                        NOTE: the new AMF pumpkin belts are identical to the later A-1, all of which are now a bit softer.


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                          Re: Idleing Pins

                          Carpet angles at 90 degrees will stop most of the idling pins (That is, if your machines are level). Stahl’s angles are a little more beefy than most &amp; will hold their shape longer.


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