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82-70 BO Problem


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  • 82-70 BO Problem

    could use a little advice on a '70 Black-out problem. I'm not a '70 mechanic(30's are my machine). A center I do work at has a pair of seventies off in the party room, and we are experiencing some disturbing problems. Starting to have the main wall breaker trip for one of them.
    Condition of the machine when I get there:
    1) Ball in pit, No pins on the deck
    2) Mach at 0
    3) wall breaker thrown

    Things checked/changed already
    1) old cushion start switch and wiring has been pulled off of machine
    2) replaced BE motor (But not the gearbox assy.
    3) swapped chassis with other
    4) Motors are noo running any hotter than normal.
    5) Wall breakers and wires are 2 years old and very clean.

    Any clues on what I should be checking?
    thanks in adv.

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    Re: 82-70 BO Problem

    My off hand guess would be the pit plug. Inside the Metal Plug one of the 110 wores is touchin the side when the machine is jarred by the incoming ball.

    take a regular cord...plug one end into the pit motor...and the other into a regular 110 outlet. See if the machine still blacksout.


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      Re: 82-70 BO Problem

      is on the rite track its in your hi voltage check the wire way under the chassis i have seen the locking clips and other things fall in and ground out a circuit
      just something for you to take a look at



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        Re: 82-70 BO Problem

        I would check out the russel stoll plug receptacle. I have seen these short and wires get crispy.



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          Re: 82-70 BO Problem

          I think the R/S plug is very poss. but I have also seen the connection at the 1900 box do the same thing when the PINCHASER is playing "George of the jungle" from the SJ cord.

          Please buy MADE IN USA!


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            Re: 82-70 BO Problem

            Your clue is the ball in the pit, which means that someone just bowled, which should have started the SWEEP MOTOR, Check you sweep combo motor plug for frayed wires, or anything else related to the sweep motor, such as the C1 Plug, Contactor, etc.
            Good Luck!


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              Re: 82-70 BO Problem

              Good thinking equip. I would check the sweep circuit.



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                Re: 82-70 BO Problem

                I would have to go along with the sweep mtr as the problem. What happens if you cycle the machine from the control panel behind machine? Put an ampmeter on the sweep motor and see what you draw. You can put the meter on your wall breaker. This would tell you the total amp draw of the machine and tell you if your breaker is good or not. Watch the needle/digits on yor meter as the machine runs if you can. Good Luck.


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                  Re: 82-70 BO Problem

                  Thanks guys. One of the chasers managed to get it. I thought it was in the sweep motor as well. It wound up being some sort of relay in the back-end control box (The one by the BE motor). Anytime one of the big boys would launch one down the lane it would jiggle around a short out. A little E-tape and we are good to go.


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                    Re: 82-70 BO Problem

                    Hey Ranger: Do you have combo motor start relays in your back end control boxes too? I did all 40 of mine about two years ago and it's the cats a__! Motor start problems can be corrected in minutes without even showing your legs to the bowlers or removing the stators.
                    If that's not what you've got and are interested in more info, reply here or E-mail me.
                    Be talking to ya!


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