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  • Pillow block strap #

    Does anybody have a part # for the pillow block strap. The long curved one that wraps around the bearing.
    Heard they used to sell them years ago.

    Thanks, Jonas

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    Re: Pillow block strap #



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      Re: Pillow block strap #

      The new 82-70 parts manual(the one that has 090 numbers in it) lists a strap-030#. I havent ordered one yet to see which one it is.



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        Re: Pillow block strap #

        Jonas: The 030 number is it. I purchased several of them: they are the long wrap-around strap, but kind of a simpler, weaker version of the one that comes with the assembly. By the way, what usually breaks for me is the bottom "saddle" portion. So I just get complete assemblies and save all the salvageable pieces.
        By the way (#2), there are two non-lube options for those who want to go greaseless.
        One is a flanged bushing that replaces the bronze sleeve bushing in the steel ball of the pillow block. The other is a complete ball that fits right in the straps. Both are made by Enviro Bushing, distributed by Dunes Bushing Supply. E-mail me if you want more info on grease & oil-free bushings.
        See ya!


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          Re: Pillow block strap #

          Thanks Bowl, Thank you very much!!!

          I'll order half a dozen straps this month.

          Thanks again,



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            Re: Pillow block strap #

            Something of note that I thought I should add here, though most of you probably already know it:

            AMF is doing away with the pillow block set-up. They have replaced it with a resin/plastic-type bushing thing that looks like it was designed to wear out quickly.

            When ordering new torque tubes of any type, make sure to also order the parts kit for it, or your machine will be sitting there dead for as long as it takes them to get it to you!

            Another AMF innovation!

            Chad Q.


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              Re: Pillow block strap #

              Magic: good point, but if anyone still wants the original type torque tube or rocker arm, it's available from Vantage (if you can trust it).
              Concerning the new type (plastic): I've been monitoring the wear on a couple I installed several years ago. Seems to wear pretty good. No play yet.


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                Re: Pillow block strap #

                Equip - Thanx for the good news. We did a sweep torque tube about a year ago and it is doing well also. I shouldn't have jumped the gun but it does look pretty cheap.
                Boy was the boss peeved when he finally got his order and the new tube was just that - a tube. Another week and a half later, we were finally able to raise the sweep.

                [ February 18, 2001: Message edited by: AMF Magic Triangle ]


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                  Re: Pillow block strap #

                  About the counter balance sping hooks that I cut off on my new 090 torque tube, What is the spring set-up on the 82-90's?


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                    Re: Pillow block strap #

                    Equip - Vantage is a good company, with a good corporate culture. Some stuff is bad, other stuff is VERY VERY good. Never had to replace a "V" kicker roller, but have had their motors on the bench several times. These are but two examples. Their pincups (synthetic OR metal) are excellent also. Carpet belts are pretty good. It all depends on the part. I like Mark's way of doing (most) things. If you order their power lifts, make sure they allign them properly.
                    But then, these problems plague most companies, aftermarket or not...
                    Gary - I am not exactly sure what you are referring to. But then I am fairly dim. Please advise, for all of us. If you like it, it must be good!


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                      Re: Pillow block strap #

                      Put in the conversion kit and it has/had 2 spring hooks per side. I cut the closer to pillow blocks ones off. they were in the way of the springs.
                      Had to do a spelling edit.

                      [ February 19, 2001: Message edited by: Jonas ]


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                        Re: Pillow block strap #

                        Aah! Gotcha.


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                          Re: Pillow block strap #

                          Jonas: Those extra spring hooks are for 90's manufactured withing the past three or four years with the new steel table. They use an additional shorter spring on each side. You can get the "Steel Table Supplement" book from AMF if you'd like to see some neat new stuff. I'll get the part # for the book, if you wish.
                          Triangle: I agree for the most part. We do have to pick and choose, though. Among parts I get from V over AMF are their standard (but urethane) cushion pads, requiring no facing, eccentric and concentric grooved bearings for the distributor, and their aluminum pit bull spotting cups.


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