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8290 ball detect problems


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  • 8290 ball detect problems

    konnichiwa , am in japan in a house having alot of false triggers, anybody know the correct setup for these detect units mounted under the downsweep, and maybe where this guy can get a manual on them????

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    Re: 8290 ball detect problems

    If you have the AMF triggering they can only be mounted under the sweep with a mercury switch. Mount them out on the capping as close to the horse collar as you can. Set the delay in the middle so slow balls can get by. AMF came out with a larger reflector for those units. The old reflector was 1&1/2 inches. The new ones are 2&1/2 I believe.


    ps. Throw away the AMF units and get bowltronics. They are bulletproof. They can be mounted under the downsweep.


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      Re: 8290 ball detect problems

      Quote:]get bowltronics. They are bulletproof. They can be mounted under the downsweep.[/B][/QUOTE]

      yes they are nice!!


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        Re: 8290 ball detect problems

        king, these are 90 amchines w/amf trigger mounted on nose of kickbacks..getting alot of trigger to the other mach in pair,i.e. 7 triggers 8,etc...
        on the adj of these units should the leds flash rapidly or slowly or remain solid???

        will bowltronics interface w/8290 mach??
        thanks, john


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          Re: 8290 ball detect problems

          Rapidly. Watch for vross-talk, where un-natural pairs might trigger each other (6 & 7, for example). Usually due to undersized or missing reflector. On a 90, I believe the reflectors are all large. By the way, I replaced all my small reflectors with stick-on large ones from McMaster-Carr (or any hardware supplier...driveway post reflectors).
          King: Mine are very close to the downsweep. Used to self-cycles due to the sweep passing half thru the beam while zeroing 270 to 0. Solution: I set them up for NO time delay. This still allows the slowest ball to make it and has eliminated 99% of deadwood in front of the sweep.


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            Re: 8290 ball detect problems


            My version of AMF detects were installed in 92. I tried mounting them behind sweep with no delay - no go. They are now installed in the dumpster. The speed sensitive feature is nice but it isnt as good as bowltronics in my opinion. Our AMF units would just start cont. cycle for no reason with lights blinking rapidly.



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              Re: 8290 ball detect problems

              We have had the AMF triggers for almost 5 years without a problem. We received them with our scoring installation and actually replaced 6 lanes of Zots that we had all sorts of problems with. Updated to AMF detectors with ball speed indication (for BOSS) and have had no problems. They work so well, we disconnected the reset button on the ball returns 4 years ago and was the best thing we could have done. Now we don't have bowlers inputting score when the machine drops a pin during spotting.

              We have replaced one unit in 5 years. [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/cool.gif[/img]
              I really enjoy the Simpsons. My problem is that I am starting to look like Homer. Doh!!!


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                Re: 8290 ball detect problems

                these units are triggering the natural mate in the pair, they have the small reflectors with a bolt thru the middle....the leds seem to flash pretty rapidly.....they are right in line with the sweep when it drops, do they have some sort of blockout circuit??
                the time delay is set to zero...
                these machines rely on the detector for all trigger so we cannot even do away w/them..
                respots are outrageous...need help in yokota japan, tomodachi lanes, yokota air base


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                  Re: 8290 ball detect problems

                  To all,

                  I disconnected my reset buttons also. First week the scorers were in. Cuts down on all problems.



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                    Re: 8290 ball detect problems


                    Here's what I've found with the AMF ball-detects. I've got a house full of them and they work great, most of the time. I tried to put mine behind the downsweep with NO DELAY and it worked great. with one exception, the intermittent problem you're talking about. Turns out when someone threw a gutter ball at a high speed, the vibration would cause the detect head to cycle the other lane. I too, had mine mounted at the nose of the kickbacks...I liked the idea of the fast cycle before deadwood rolls onto lane.
                    To check, take a ball down to the pindeck with you (both lanes on) and simulate a ball going into the gutter right at the kickback with good speed. I'll bet you will see the other lane cycle. Since I couldn't correct that problem, I've decided to move them in front of the scanners in line with my Concept 90 mask support leg...reflector is directly mounted to leg with no bracket for 2 ball damage from metal bracket, and no cross-talk to another unit.
                    Delay now set to minimum...1 step longer than no delay. They work great now.

                    Let us know your progress.

                    But, I could be wrong...

                    Kat :p
                    "Where are we going, and why are we in a hand basket?"



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                      Re: 8290 ball detect problems

                      Kat: you're right...we also get an occcassional self-trigger when a ball hits its mounting, but very seldom. I installed mine this way:
                      At the time, we were also rebuilding all of our double and single division boards because they were terribly loose, and we were about to install automaticc scoring. All our new division boards were counter bored and screwed straight down into the stringers. Also built new "H's". Those are the supports for the rear portion of the downsweep enclosure, behind the downsweep. These units were also screwed straight down into the back end foundation.. All screws were #16 hardened flat head wood screws.
                      Then I made mounting blocks for the triggers out of maple lane boards (tongue removed), cut to length to match the width of the capping (10 1/2" in a perfect world). Each block was bolted down between the downsweep enclosure and the kickback nose, using #20 hardened flat head woodscrews (the ones that are used to secure the lanes to the stringers, and kickbacks to foundation). Trigger heads were mounted to the blocks using #10 (Recommend #12) sheet metal hex head screws into predrilled holes. This is the most solid installation Ive ever seen. Very few problems.


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