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  • Continuous Cycle

    Well, what to do here.
    I have MAGIC TRIANGLES with 5-boards, self-scoring.

    Has been covered in previous threads, I'm sure, but am too lazy to wade through them.

    I've got a machine (a favorite of mine, as soon as we fix one problem, it develops another. What a bastard of an 82/70 it is! )
    The one presently is continuous cycle. The mercury switch does not work. Display screwes up (strike "X" on 1st ball, etc.)
    but I have no spare chassiseses.
    The spare Combo motor will not budge the sweep, the original will not stop running.
    Remember, we do not have the "hello, sweep is at 0degerees, you moron," chassis and switch. Consequently, after the sweep cam dropped below acceptance level, the table would respond as it is expected to.
    So, I babysat this jerk of a machine all night, switching off sweep until ball was thrown, then switching off sweep when cycle was finished.

    I think the root of the problem is the "coasting motor" because after I shut it off, the sweep would slowly cruise to a stop. It sometimes dropped after circuit cut a good 3" or so!
    I guess the question is, what to do with "coasting" motors and/or gearboxes.

    I AM NOT babysitting this machine tomorrow (today?) night.

    Thank you, in advance, except for this motor, which I will never be able to keep up with.

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    Re: Continuous Cycle

    If you have National motors....stick a table drive spring in one of the "carbon brushes" slots. you dont by chance have the new circuit board lookin contacts in the chassis do ya???.

    if its west/ge say replace capacitors....or swap'm with the table for kicks


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      Re: Continuous Cycle

      The "1st ball X light" makes it sound like a chassis board problem. Move the 1 and 5 to a different machine.

      The centrifugal on the motor might be bad seeing how two different stators don't work on it.

      Last resort trick for coasting is to wrap a strip of distributor belt around the shaft where the hand crank attatches. Cut it about 1" wide. The tighter you get it in there, the less coasting.

      Have a good night


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        Re: Continuous Cycle

        Well, we got away with not having to use that lane tonight. have it whittled down to this:
        ~not a cycle switch problem.
        ~not a chassis problem.
        ~not a sweep motor problem.

        I compared cam and lever positions on the overachiever machine to those on either side, all are identical!

        Thanx for the info and advise, gentlemen!

        Edit: BTW, Coors, they are Waste-inghouse motors. At least these particular ones are. We have all kinds at this dump.

        [ April 09, 2001: Message edited by: AMF Magic ]


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          Re: Continuous Cycle

          AMF MAGIC; IF IT IS A COASTING MOTOR PROBLEM AND IT'S NOT INTERLOCKING ANY,TRY ADJUSTING THE SA SO IT STOPS SOONER AT ZERO. [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/eek.gif[/img] HAVE FUN CRUD. [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif[/img]
          if things aren't going right just use a bigger hammer! DIRT


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            Re: Continuous Cycle


            If they're Westinghouse, check the motor boards inside the stator. You may need to file some of the carbon buildup on the points.

            The one that doesn't start, same thing. Check to make sure all wires from the receptacle are good and attatch to something.
            Did this motor try to start (humming) or dead completely? If completely dead, check for klixon problem.
            "Where are we going, and why are we in a hand basket?"



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              Re: Continuous Cycle

              Check your S.A. switches with a ohm meter.

              I was had a problem in a center I was in that had installed 70's from japan. I had trouble with the micro switches that would be closed and you would get a reading off of it.

              they would do it intermitently,we call this problem leaking switches.


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                Re: Continuous Cycle

                Well guess what, I'm an idiot.
                NOOLIO thought of the problem right away.
                10th frame switch.
                Enough said.

                Thanx for all the ideas, guys. Will be helpful in problems to come!


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