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Pin Elevator Belts & Amflite Glow Pins


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  • Pin Elevator Belts & Amflite Glow Pins

    Is there a difference between the AMFlite glow pin and non glow pin other than the fact it glows, as far as the way it is physically constructed?

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    Re: Pin Elevator Belts & Amflite Glow Pins

    Pontiac Phoenix, I hope.
    Anyway, there are a mess of dist belts out there, as you know. You take your pick. I imagine I've got one of every kind running at my 3 dumps, really no problem with any. Most of my machines are slow-down pulleys.
    Methinks the slippery problem has to do with glow-coating. I'd wash the pins, using a scotch-brite pad very lightly to give the pins more surface texture and friction.


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      Re: Pin Elevator Belts & Amflite Glow Pins


      Call Stahl's 70s, they have a B-188 belt that is made for this purpose. The OEM belt is a B-190, so the B-188 takes up the slack created by a smaller drive pulley.
      Their number is 952-432-2231. The belt is a continuous one, no splices.
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        Re: Pin Elevator Belts & Amflite Glow Pins

        Oh, you mean elevator belts. Silly me. We use spliceless b-188's on machines with small sheaves. I think they come from Grainger, maybe Vantage. Even so, the belt slips on the sheave when elevator is stopped due to a jam. Prevents BE motor damage.
        Many of the tensioner pulleys are double-springed, you may want to try that as a temporary fix...


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          Re: Pin Elevator Belts & Amflite Glow Pins


          "Pontiac Phoenix" Lmao.....Too funny....

          Alright guys...dissenting opinion here...I take my original belts and put a splice in them and use the Brunswick splice kit (Magic are we still buds?) It only takes a minute...and only if the belt is in good shape...I would rather spend money elsewhere then on unneeded belt a pay increase for me!



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            Re: Pin Elevator Belts & Amflite Glow Pins

            I have been in a couple of houses where the mechanic had a cam follower or roller on the back of the back end control box to put more tension on the belt. I think they ran the belt up over it.


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