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So, how do AMF machines work?


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  • So, how do AMF machines work?

    This may be a lot to ask for, but is there anyone that can help me get an understanding of some sort of how the AMF machines work? I work on Brunswick machines, but have always had an interest in AMF pinspotters. Unfortunately the only local alley in town (where I work) uses Brunswick equipment. I know the basics, such as where the pin goes on its journey back to the pin deck, but I want to know more about how everything works. Does anyone have any detailed pictures that might give me an idea of how specific parts work. Example, something like, how the table comes down and sets the pins...I have seen many pictures, but I dont know what I am looking for. Like I said, it may be a lot to ask for but if someone can offer any help here, that'd be great. Thanks

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    Re: So, how do AMF machines work?

    Hey, Pinhead!
    I'll go ahead and take a stab at this since all I really know is the basic function of AMF machines anyway.
    You can see all kinds of pictures in the picture gallery.

    What's important to understand is that a lot of the mechanisms you can see on a B are not on an AMF because it's controlled by the chassis (old school computer.) So, things you can see happen by mechanical triggering and action on an A-2 are done on a tiny printed circuit board instead on AMF's.

    I'll just focus on ball return systems for now...
    There are three types of ball return (lift) systems in use on 82/70's. On all, the purpose is to get the ball into the ball exit (hole from pit), in contact with the ball lift belt, and up to the top of the machine so that the momentum from rolling down to the subway will carry the ball to the front.
    1. Kicker system. The ball is pulled into the hole and pushed up on the start pad and in contact with the ball lift belt by a little "tire" called a kicker roller. The floor of the ball exit is veed up, so the kicker is pulling/pushing the ball uphill.
    2. Positive Ball Lift. Opposite of the kicker arrangement, the floor of the PBL is veed down, so there is no need for a kicker, the ball just rolls down into the ball exit, and onto a J-shaped pad. Hard to explain the process, but the weight of the ball itsself is employed to lift it up into contact with the ball lift belt, so it is called the Positive Ball Lift.
    3. The Humpback. For, (what, 40 years?) we struggled with trying get the ball to contact the belt. Then some bright fellows said, hey, why make the ball contact the belt when you can make the belt contact the ball instead? Thus, the ball rolls down into the exit like PBL, and there are two fatter sections of the ball lift belt. The ball sits at the bottom center of the veed floor of the exit for a brief second until a fat section of the ball lift belt comes around and makes contact with the ball, lifting it up to the top of the machine, and gravity takes it the rest of the way to the front ball lift.
    4. I'm told there's now a system that replaces the whole belt arrangement with a big tube and air compressor. The compressor blows the ball up to the top. I'll believe it when I see it.

    It's really too hard to explain everything, seeing and playing with them is the key.
    Then there's 82/30's, let's not even get started on that...

    Thanks for your interest!

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      Re: So, how do AMF machines work?

      ok here it goes, first the ball comes down and contacts a cushion similar to the brunswick one, which triggers a switch that sends electronic signal to the chassis that tells the sweep contacts to close,which a motor runs to a guard position via cam switches, then the chassis tells the table to lower for removal of dead wood,by running sweep thru a cycle, and resetting of remainder pins. These switches all corrilate with each other and tell sweep to return to a zero position same as the table which goes to a 355 degree and holds which also sends signals to put 1st ball into second ball or if strike in 1st ball again after sweeping off all dead wood. There are cells in on the table that tell if pins are still standing,unless you have the good scoring cameras and new one boards that go in the chassis,which also cuts down cycle time of machine. Also the ball is returned via the carpet rather than a shaker board thru a ball return door to the ball lift to the bowler up front. [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif[/img]

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        Re: So, how do AMF machines work?


        Awesome description....we need that in this site!



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          Re: So, how do AMF machines work?

          Pitboss, as a Brunswick die hard, I really appreciate your link to that page. Really informative, really well done. Enlightened, I am, but not converted. I'm thinking of creating something like it in paper form for the customers that have no sympathy.



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            Re: So, how do AMF machines work?


            That's exactly what I worte it for, the layman to understand what it's all about. That article even made promo of the month in Bowlers Journal (4/96 I think), the promo being tours of the backend, and we handed out this article.

            Maybe someone can do one on the Brunswick machine.


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              Re: So, how do AMF machines work?

              Pitboss, that did kick butt! I very much enjoyed that!!


              Please buy MADE IN USA!


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                Re: So, how do AMF machines work?

                [QUOTE]Originally posted by Pinhead2:
                [QB]This may be a lot to ask for, but is there anyone that can help me get an understanding of some sort of how the AMF machines work?

                On occasion, Sorry it was such a setup i couldn't resist.


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