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  • Pit Squeeks

    Ok fellow Mechs out there, I got a small but huge problem that causes headaches every time I walk by my pinsetters. See if you can help.

    I walk by and i hear weee wee wee wee wee. So i pulled the whole pit out, aside from finding a broken pit support bracket and a worn rubber insert on the rear roller retainer i found no metal shavings. So in went the pit and it was quiet for 30 min. thEN WEE WEE WEEEE WEEE WE WEEE. So i pulled the pit again, took off the front roller hinges, lubed em up and back went the pit. 2 min later i heard wee wee we weeee. Finally i took my hammer to the mechanics door and put a couple more dents into it. Im really tired of it got any ideas where it could be commin from? Also to add, i switched the front roller w/ a brand new one from AMF. other than that i moved the bearings on the rear roller out 1/4 of an inch. all my ideas are exhausted. Please help.


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    Re: Pit Squeeks

    Any chance it's not a pit problem? Have you checked your belt tensioner pulleys in your ball exit system? Could be something as simple as that. Or maybe the lift itself? Good luck!


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      Re: Pit Squeeks

      I've had a simular problem a few years ago.
      Only it was not one machine but about 10!
      Had just given them all a good sevice job and after one day the machine started to wee,wee,wee. It turnt out to be the new BE-cappet roller bearings(had just replaced a lot of old bearings with new ones)Did change them all again with bearings from SKF and gone was the problem.I will stay with SKF now...

      good luck

      So it goes.


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        Re: Pit Squeeks

        Most new bearings come with very litle grease. My policy is to wash every bearing in solvent, blow out and repack before going on a machine.

        Also...I never pull a pit unless I take off the front roller hinges....check the paddle drive shock too.



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          Re: Pit Squeeks

          Quote:]Originally posted by 82/70 king:
          Most new bearings come with very litle grease. My policy is to wash every bearing in solvent, blow out and repack before going on a machine.[/QUOTE]

          Hi Jerry ,
          I'm not trying to be a "Know All" here , But NEVER EVER blow dry a bearing , Let them Air Dry , PLEASE ! [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/eek.gif[/img]

          Everything else in your posting is good sound "SMART" stuff !! [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif[/img]




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            Re: Pit Squeeks

            In agreement here - it is almost certainly a roller bearing. Listen closely and you can figger out which one it is. If one is squeaking though, chances are the rest are soon to follow.
            I don't know about taking them apart and repacking though...

            Several of mine have begun to "wee wee wee" in the last couple months. Most were replaced about a year ago, so their lifespan seems pretty consistent. I think all the ones I have dying are on rear rollers.

            If it is the rudder link squeaking, it must be an adjustable (spring) one. Usually it is more of a "wee-weeeeee.....wee-weeeeee." It's of little consequence, except for being annoying.


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              Re: Pit Squeeks

              As i stated earlier, we replaced all the bearings... also we moved them out 1/4" to prevent the roller hitting the steel kickback. Still lost



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                Re: Pit Squeeks


                Please explain why not to blow out the bearings? I use a shop vac not a air hose. Not sufficient pressure to cause physical harm. I have enough spare bearings to do the air dry method...just trying help out those with less spare parts...all my bearings are stored washed out with the seals tied to the bearing with a ty wrap...ready to pack. Must not mix up the seals.

                Magic...the new bearings should last 40 years with proper must pack them with grease.



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                  Re: Pit Squeeks

                  As stated before I did too change the bearings and still the new bearings were the problem. Allthough looking and feeling very good outside the machine ,THEY were making the noise when pressure was put on them( this started after a while). Maybe a good trick to see if it is your bearing is to change the pressure by pushing your feet between the rear-carpet roller and the bounce-plate on the running carpet, most of the times the wee wee stops or make a different wee wee (thank you mamamamamamagic).
                  If your shure it's not this bearing maybe have a look at the shaft or bushings of the belt tensioner assembly from the LBS and kicker or rachet.

                  Good luck


                  [ May 02, 2001: Message edited by: lampie ]
                  So it goes.


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                    Re: Pit Squeeks

                    I use a short piece of pipe and put it up to my ear and it helps to localize where the squeek or noise is coming from. Sorry this isn't much help but it might be of some assistance to you. Good luck


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                      Re: Pit Squeeks

                      Hey good idea! My dad has an old stethoscope he uses to find bad bearings in cars.

                      That is a good idea too! I'll try it on some of my wee-wee's tonite!

                      I don't think you'd find metal shavings from a wee-wee sound. Metal shavings would likely be from something making a much worse noise than "wee-wee" I imagine.
                      What else could make a wee-wee sound besides a bearing?
                      Of course, front roller body/assy going bad sounds like a freight train, no wee-wee about it.

                      I'll talk to you about how to repack bearings. I've been too chickens**t to try.

                      I have to go make wee-wee myself now. Bye.


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                        Re: Pit Squeeks

                        Check the carpet. If the inside is worn away it will squeak as it goes over the bounce plate on the common side. This usually occurs if you have "flipped" carpets with another machine and the edge that was on the ball door side is now on the common side. I did this on 4 machines at the end of the house and it sounded like there were a bunch of birds loose back there.


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                          Re: Pit Squeeks

                          BINGO! poplarpety. My thoughts exactly. I've got 2 doing it right now.

                          Bannanas try pushing really hard on the high point of the bounce plate (rear non-ball door side)while it's running it'll probably quit "chirping".


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                            Re: Pit Squeeks


                            I agree with you. I have recently discovered this with my carpets. Although it might not be present in only flipped carpets. Sometimes the carpet wears (like you mentioned), but created a glaze on the common side bounce board (it's higher) and this causes the chirping. Take some sandpaper and rough it up. Get rid of the glaze, get rid of the "wee-wee".

                            Once again poplar, good tip!
                            "Where are we going, and why are we in a hand basket?"



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                              Re: Pit Squeeks

                              A few things I've seen:

                              Bent rear roller. Roller was walking away from the exit and butting up against the kickback. The slight wobble produced on the bearing ate away at the kickback for years and then started the noise. Check for rust on the back side of the common kickback where the bearing seats.

                              Two piece carpet pulley coming loose. Old style with the roll pin.

                              Loose cross member support under the bounce board. Don't ask me how. The kickbacks must have been flexing in just the right way.

                              >>> I think everybody goes through this. Sometimes it ends up being in the Distributor or the idlers or the ball lift like the others have mentioned. You shouldn't be able to fit the rear roller in between the kickbacks with the bearing 1/4" out. [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/eek.gif[/img] Something doesn't sound right if you can. Check your pit cross supports.

                              Just shootin the breeze [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/cool.gif[/img]


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