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Buzzing Spot Solenoid


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  • Buzzing Spot Solenoid

    I have a machine that the spot solenoid buzzes when the machine spots pins. It works fine but buzzes like crazy. I have already ruled out a power problem by using a motor test cable and plugging it into the wall. Still buzzes like mad. Any Ideas?
    Give me a hammer and some duct tape and I can fix it!

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    Re: Buzzing Spot Solenoid

    1) Operate the soleniod by hand to make sure it's not binding or tight.

    2) be sure the solenoid is not cocked
    forward,backward or side to side

    3) if it is not drawing enough power.

    4)check the roller link on the table drive and position of it

    5) change it!


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      Re: Buzzing Spot Solenoid

      Lemme guess- bowlers are complaining that foul light goes off every time they bowl. You would like to smack the hell out of them for assuming such a nonsense.

      Don't worry. The solenoid is going to hell. Soon it will live no more and you can put it out of its misery. Until then it will make an awful noise. Make sure you have a good spare on hand as well as something to remove/replace whatever is holding it to the hook, etc (nut/bolt, pin, piece of a pencil, etc)

      RIP, little spot solenoid.


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        Re: Buzzing Spot Solenoid

        Maybe the mating surfaces are worn so bad its allowing the plunger to go to far into the coil. Try a piece of electrical tape or thin cardboard on each side to compensate for the wear. This could lead to overheating if you go to far, so be carefull.


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          Re: Buzzing Spot Solenoid

          sounds like its time for a solanoid rebuild to me
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            Re: Buzzing Spot Solenoid

            You can rebuild solenoids?!?!?!

            I have one on which the coil is burnt to a crispy crisp. Can it come to life again? It was a good old solenoid. I'd like to keep it alive.


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              Re: Buzzing Spot Solenoid

              for sure you can rebuild solenoids, remove the pin at the base of the unit (usually have to drill the head off it and replace with a screw later on), then pull out the 4 spring loaded plates, 2 either side, now the plunger will come out, then pull the 2 side plates that are next to the plunger out, from there the coil just slips out.

              i have found that if the spring plates are too buckled down, they restrict the plunger from going in the full distance, which causes buzzing.

              thats how it works at my centre anyway
              i don't need mods, i am a bloody genius


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                Re: Buzzing Spot Solenoid

                Well, I looked at that thing real close and discovered that it was tighter on one side then the other. Corrected it and no more buzzing. Thanks for all your help.
                Give me a hammer and some duct tape and I can fix it!


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