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  • 8270 machines

    Tell me about old 8270s with a roll bin table. Does anybody have them? I heard they are a nightmare. Are parts still available? There is a center for sale with them. They have been well maintained and have little problems. But are the problems just on the horizon? If so, how hard to convert to new-style 70?

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    Re: 8270 machines

    The 82-70 A machine was a nightmare, the Edsel of bowling machines. The B.E. motor turns the distributor faster than a regular 82-70. The distributor has four 'fingers' that pop up at appropriate times to roll pins off the side and into the bin slots. The distribotor was moved side to side by a small motor. The roll-over bin was also driven by its own motor. The chassis had two steppers, I belive one controlled the distributor and bin, and the other controlled the rest of the machine. The combo motors are the same as a regular 82-70. The sweep is also the same, as was most of the table. The pincups were originally made from formed wire. The ball lift, carpet, cushion, pinwheel, etc. is also the same as a regular 82-70. One other difference is the spot-respot cams. The 82-70 cam "slams" the fingers open and closed. There is a center close to me that had 12 "A"s. Somehow, they wound up on 2 different leases from AMF(10 on one, 2 on the other). When the lease came due on the 2, the center had enough of the "A"s and replaced them with 82-30s [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif[/img] . The owners asked me to watch the 30s for about 6 weeks, spent time chasing the "A"s, 30s ran great. About 4 years ago, the center pulled the "A"s and replaced them with 30s. If you consider buying the center with "A"s, plan on replacing them. Even back then,(aroun 1985-6) parts were VERY hard to find. Since your user name refers to 82-30s, that is what I would put back in because they are much cheaper and will do just as good of a job [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif[/img] . GOOD LUCK!!
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      Re: 8270 machines



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        Re: 8270 machines

        The machines tgat I work on are field converted A's. Toon was very accurate in his description and evaluation of the 82/70 A. I worked on 30's for 3 years and would prefer them over the A machine. It would be my guess that parts would be next to impossible to get since the machine was only made for 1 1/2 years (early 63 to mid 64). The machine was dubbed the "thrasher". It was noisy. Converting to a B machine is very possible. Make sure parts are readily available, get a good wiring schematic for the electrical, have competent mechs to do the job and above all make sure there is enough of a money concession to do the deal.

        Good luck


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          Re: 8270 machines

          This is too, too, too cool!
          I had no idea that A machines were that different.
          Pictures PLEASE!!!!!!!!!


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            Re: 8270 machines

            MAS8230: I was talking to my Dad about your question and he told me that when the "A"s were replaced, the carpets, ball lifts, bounce plates, and cushion assys were saved for use in the 82-30s. The combo motors were sold and the money was used to buy the 82-30s that were put back in! [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/eek.gif[/img] Chad, if I had a scanney, I could post some pictures, as I still have an old manual. As far as converting the"A"s, it would be better to buy other 82-70s. The four feild converted "A"s that we had were not very good. They were so bad that we replaced them with 82-30s. If anyone needs chassis for the"B" machines, I have four for sale.
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              Re: 8270 machines

              I remember a center some where around
              cocoa beach,florida that has them.

              I can't remember the name of the place
              but I'm sure they are still in

              null [img]null[/img] cocoa beach,florida


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