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  • 82-90 upgrade

    We are considering the 82-90 upgrade with motors and chassis. Has anyone had any experiences with this upgrade? Good or bad, please let me know. Thanks.

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    Re: 82-90 upgrade

    Did it, can't say whether it is good or bad, just different. If you are used to your old machines and don't have A LOT of time to learn new stuff, it is bad. However, the changes are good. Computers are always easier and more frustrating than mechanical. Decide if you really know your machines and do you have time (and money to buy expensive spare parts) I am glad we did it, because our mechanics are AWESOME and work hard at knowing their machines. Going on year number two with them, now that they broken in and understood better, they are a good upgrade!



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      Re: 82-90 upgrade

      I just finished up working on 90's and I would reccommend the upgrade... The Chasis is definetly easier, and defiently easier to trouble shoot. As far as the motors and gearboxes, well I have never had a problem, the Franklin Electric motor should run you about five years with the proper maint, just don't try to get them away from the
      well good luck, it might take some training on your guys to learn them, but in the long run you should appreciate the upgrade.


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        Re: 82-90 upgrade

        Eliminating hundreds of electrical connection points (C1, C2a, B.E. box, TS, TSA, etc) can only be a good thing. Consider this: if your machines need a LOT of mechanical AND electrical work, getting the XL conversion will eliminate the electrical and motor problems, leaving you with much more time to do pits & other mechanical stuff.
        Only problem I see is $$$$.
        Mreessr: any input for Mechanic8230?


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          Re: 82-90 upgrade

          Just an update. We did do the 82-90 update and so far so good and you would not believe the problems that have disappeared. I am about to break away the backend motors and apply anti-sieze to the shafts. I have the newer Franklin combos that have a stator just like a GE or Westinghouse. Imagine all new wiring and micro switches and no more C1 or C2 plugs to worry about. The installation cost about $130,000 or so I guess with no spares, but I did get all new deck lamps (dual with blacklight) and a wealth of information from the installer. AMF did us right on this. Just wanted you guys to know.


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            Re: 82-90 upgrade

            I have had the upgrade for about a year now. In the beginning it was a nightmare. I had 23 chassis fail with continuous cycling or no cycle at all. Something was blowing the comm chips to the front end boxes in the chassis. This would happen in the middle of leagues, during open play whatever. Had the installer and amf techs try to figure it out and Bob Garlock, thinking it was a static problem , decided to ground everything including the tenth frame switches in our ballracks. Since then nothing,... until a power surge or spike blew 16 chassis at one time. Communication chips again. At the time of installation amf never suggested surge protectors for the machines saying they were not needed. Only with scoring were they needed. We have since put surge protectors on machine circuts and powerlift circuts. No problems since.Crossing my fingers that all is well now. Other than that the upgrade has been great. [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif[/img] [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif[/img]


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              Re: 82-90 upgrade

              we blew 5 chassis in one night due to an electrical storm. amf wouldn't touch the chassis since it was an electrical storm that did the chassis in so we had to buy 5 new chassis at $2300 a piece. boy my boss loved me that week. i love the upgrade and wonder how we ever got along with out it. the only thing i don't like is the speed of the pinwheels and the ball lifts. we changed all the p/w pulleys to slow them down and have slowed down a few of the carpet drive pullies and it works like a champ.

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                Re: 82-90 upgrade

                same thing happened to me but the sixteen at 2,300 was too much. I could only laugh at amf when they told us that. So i took a logic board out of a good one and put it into the bad one and it worked. So we bought 16 boards at 515.00 each to get going. they were good at sending them overnight so we were not down too long. I have since repaired all but two of them. same two chips in each one. Thanks to Marshall for finding out which ones to replace. But i couldnt spend another 1,600 for all of them so i just ordered the chips from a local outfit and changed them myself. I now have 16 spares. What a deal.
                The two chips are U6 (sn75175n) and U7 (sn75174n) They are only a few dollars each at any electronics supply company.
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