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Strange Cycle Problem


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  • Strange Cycle Problem

    Here's one for you.

    Accuscore Plus Scoring
    Omega Tek single boards with expansion cards (scoring interface)on lanes 1 and 2.

    When either lane is setting a full rack and the sweep is returning to zero - the other lane will cycle (if it is idle and regardless of its ball state). It will also score.

    No reset buttons or wiring on the ball returns (removed).

    Checked the obvious (A&MC box, ball detector replaced, MI replaced).

    Next step is the computer up front.

    Any other suggestions?

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    Re: Strange Cycle Problem

    Well, the first thing I would check would be the reset button wiring, but since you don't have any that eliminates it. Double check real close the wiring in the A&MC box. The number 1 and 2 terminals are for cycling the machine. Make sure nothing is shorting against those terminals. This would cause a scoring cycle if those terminals are shorted.

    Next thing would be the machine chassis. Just for kicks, remove the expanders and see if the problem continues.

    Next, check all the wiring going to and from the MI to make sure it didn't get pinched somehow. That's all I can think of. Anytime I had this problem it was always the reset button wiring. Now I just disconnected all of them from the A&MC box, since they really aren't needed. Keep us posted when you figure it out. I'm sure we could all use the info someday!

    Good Luck!
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      Re: Strange Cycle Problem

      Do you have ball detects located behind the downsweep? With this scenario, it's possible you're geting crosstalk from one lane to another.

      Also might want to check line for the RPO cycle button on the BE control box that runs up to MI cables.
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        Re: Strange Cycle Problem

        I've never worked with this stuff but I figure any suggestions are better then none.
        Eliminating the scoring interface is a good idea. That way you know if its in the machine or scoring.
        Also try bypassing the front counter by jumping TBA5 to TBA6 and TBB5 to TBB6. It could be in the manager control circuit going to the front desk switch-counter-computer. After all, it sounds like it happens when the spotting relay is activated but not on first ball standing pins. If that scoring system gets its frame count some other way you could eliminate the 24v T2 wire going to #1 on the spotting relay. I think its the gray one. Otherwise you just cut the diodes for the frame counters(instructomat too if you don't use them).

        Just for the hell of it check you cushion switch wire terminals and insulation. I have seen a machine get cycled by another because its insulation was cut down to the wire by the B.E. motor support. Don't ask me how or why.


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          Re: Strange Cycle Problem

          I have my detects behind the sweep and sometimes get triggers when a lane is turned off. Unplug the power source of the trigger and see if it still happens. It is not in the accuscore since it is scoring. What kind of triggering? What size reflector?



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            Re: Strange Cycle Problem

            Pitboss, Hook up the old cushion switches (if they are still operational) and disconnect the ball trigger switch. If the problem disappears then you'll know where to start looking. If your cushion switches are not working, do you have reset buttons up front that will score when you press them? If that is the case, disconnect the ball trigger switch through a ball then press the rest button and see what happens. Hopes this helps. Knuckles


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              Re: Strange Cycle Problem

              With a little help from Carl at AMF - all is well.

              We were eventually able to narrow down the problem exactly. Here goes.

              PROBLEM Opposing lane of a pair will cycle when the other is finished setting a full rack. (EXAMPLE - Lane 2, after a spare or strike is bowled, set's a full rack. When the sweep and table are returning home - specifically, when the spot relay de-energizes, lane 1 will cycle).

              SOLUTION The problem is in the managers control circuit at the front counter, specifically the manual control switches. Turns out that there were wires from the lane 1 and lane 2 switches touching.

              A temporary fix (and a troubleshoot option) is to remove then join together the 2 PINK wires from terminals #5 & 6 in the A&MC box on your curtain wall. Do this for both lanes. This removes the managers control circuit, allowing the machine to run independantly and in this case normally.

              Tuesday evening I had to hand operate (via switches on the control box)the sweeps on this pair during a full house of league play. Save yourself a lot of trouble and print this.

              Thanks for all the help guys!

              [ September 14, 2001: Message edited by: pitboss ]


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