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  • Carpets

    I have a problem and that is my center expects our carpets to last 30 years in a very busy center. I have tried many different brands of carpets, AMF,QUALITY, VANTAGE and recently had a bad experience with Vantage and that is they are putting metal bands in thier carpets and this carpet cut a collegue of mine hands up to pieces when he installed this carpet... I am not so sure that this is the best, I usually get the most life out of AMF but still not 30 years, what should I do? I am in competition with the past head mechanic that used to sew them together and make them last... not that this means anything, but maybe someone has used a certain brand that is great and runs for years trouble free...

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    Re: Carpets

    I believe vantage premium is the best. AMF style carpets breakdown and put black goo on everything when they wear infront of the ball door. Never have downtime due to a carpeet unravelling and the thread winding around the rear roller.



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      Re: Carpets

      I agree with King about Vantage Premiums. I think they outlast any other carpet. The Vantage Mandrel carpet has metal pieces in it, not the premium. I have been using the Premium carpet exclusively for 5 years now, and the first one I put on 5 years ago is still going strong.
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        Re: Carpets

        "Tuffy" Ugly White Carpets(000-026-753TW) is the only carpet for my two cents... :p
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          Re: Carpets

          5th year for Vantage carpets, no problem at all!!!


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            Re: Carpets

            keep in mind i use carpet brushes, vantage soft carpets have lasted 8-10 years without problems, the Orange ???Carpets last either quality or AMF cant remember, lasted like 5ish, AMF green splice carpet mabye 3 years (carpet brushes ate that one alive, i took the brush off the last year) Vantage Premiums, i have yet to throw one out. i think i started buying them in 1988/9ish??? the oldest are still goin strong and dont plan on removing for another 10, and i use carpet brushes.

            Vantage has made a carpet that's too good, pretty soon i wont have to buy any more [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif[/img]


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              Re: Carpets

              just a side note, for kicks i got a "new" quality carpet(new to me anyhow), dont have the number with me off hand. i like the looks of it so far. the top looks like a vantage premium (the "tufted" look), body is heavy and looks like a mandrel. it even has quality imprinted in the seem, nice touch. whether or not it holds up has yet to be seen ill let ya know in about 5 years, hopefully not sooner.


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                Re: Carpets

                Go to your nearest Tandy leather store and pick up some big sewing needles. Then hit the hardware store to pick up a candle, nylon cord and leather gloves. Use the candle to heat the needle so it goes threw the carpet. Use vulcanized rubber patching kits to mend holes and delamination problems. Get the big kits used on semi truck tires.

                Super glue busted sweep shock mounts and pin seeting rod things and they'll last forever!!!

                X-washers can be welded [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/eek.gif[/img]

                Jiffy Lube is a good source for lane oil. Just filter it with the used coffee filters from the snack bar.

                Tell your boss the new reactive partical balls are eating away at the carpets and there's nothing you can do about it.

                Good luck AmFreak. You're gonna need it.


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                  Re: Carpets

                  Hey guys!!

                  Here in Australia, there's a small little company called Rydell Industrial Belting (when I say small i mean relatively unpopular, I hadn't heard of them before they got recommended to me) that make really good quality carpet belts. They're pretty much exactly like the AMF White ones (the AUS$600 ones!!!) and are just as good quality. I think we've got about 5 or 6 in our machines at the moment, and havent had ONE problem with any of them.... they don't appear to stretch, no un ravelling, no coming apart at the join!!

                  And they're only $176 including GST!!

                  It sounds like an ad for them I know, but I'll set the record straight - I don't work for them!! [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif[/img]

                  But yeah, the AMF technical sales reps say "why buy a $176 carpet belt that lasts about 5 years when you can buy a $600 one that lasts at least 20 years??" rrrrrright.... time will tell i guess.

                  Apparently they have offices in every capital city in Australia, but if any of you Aussies wanna know more, drop me an email or gimme a call at the centre on 07 46340233

                  Have fun!!



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                    Re: Carpets

                    Thanks for the good luck wish! I appreciate that, still don't know how I am going to get them to run 30 years... Maybe Mike Stalker will have a suggestion?


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                      Re: Carpets

                      Thanx, gents, for the good feedback regarding Vantage carpets.
                      Carpets are one of the very first products made by Vantage, when Mark ran the business out of his garage.
                      The mandrel is belted with steel, hence it is a mandrel belt.
                      If it is threadbare and the metal is exposed, it obviously needs to be replaced to save damage to machine, balls, and *duh* mechanics!
                      In addition, one should look for the reason that it is threadbare and repair the source of damage.
                      They don't just fall apart.
                      The premium belt is, in my personal opinion, the best there is overall. And it is cheaper than the mandrel too. Even though it's "premium!"

                      Tuffy ugly white is my second fav, second only because it is difficult to break in.
                      But maybe somebody here has a secret for that...



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                        Re: Carpets

                        As far as the carpet is concerned, you will get the best out of them, as long as the parts in your machine is in good shape. Even the **** carpets will go a long way.


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                          Re: Carpets

                          The one that I hate is the rough top belt made by Vantage(sorry Chad!). They were thin and if a ball gets stuck under the cushion or against it, it gets destroyed. I probably resurfaced or replaced 15 balls in the last couple of years. Also seeing splices coming apart. About 6 years ago, I installed a new green carpet from Eastern Bowling and it looks great! Also having good luck with the orange belts from AMF. Just my thoughts.
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